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St Mary's Anglican Church on Vivian Street, New Plymouth. In the foreground of the picture is the wide dirt road which is now Vivian Street. Along the foot path is a man and a woman. St Mary's is situated in the middleground and surrounded by several large trees.
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Exterior view of the Sunday School at St Mary's Church, Vivian Street, New Plymouth. Tree and South African War memorial pictured in the foreground. The school building was built in 1853. The first day of the school was run by Mrs W. Bolland and Miss Jenny Newland.
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Exterior view of the Methodist Mission, South Road, New Plymouth. The wooden building is painted white and has a red roof. There are large arched windows along the aspect depicted and two chimney stacks. The Mission was erected in 1844.
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Plan showing additions to the Te Henui Vicarage (stone portion still remaining), Courtenay Street, New Plymouth. Showing the site, front elevation, plan and section of chimneys.
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View of New Plymouth from Puke Ariki. Shows barracks on Marsland Hill, St Mary's Church, the Methodist Church, Masonic Hotel, and lower Liardet Street and Devon Street. Mt Taranaki / Egmont and Pouakai Ranges in left background.
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