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Accession No Name/Title
"After the Bathe" A75.651
"After the Bathe"
"New Plymouth 1850-1856" PA2008.116
"New Plymouth 1850-1856"
"Back Beach" PA2012.130
"Back Beach"
"Glenda & Sam" PA2012.131
"Glenda & Sam"
Untitled PA2012.137
"Glenda & Sam" PA2012.138
"Glenda & Sam"
Henry Faull of Tikorangi A83.320
Henry Faull of Tikorangi
"Distant Beach" A75.553
"Distant Beach"
Untitled A75.579
Untitled A75.578
"Mr Roberts of New Plymouth, August 1927" A75.531
"Mr Roberts of New Plymouth, August 1927"
"Mr M. McCormick of Christchurch" A75.532
"Mr M. McCormick of Christchurch"
"Nga-motu.  The Sugar Loaves" A66.166
"Nga-motu. The Sugar Loaves"
"Portrait of Eddi Collins, NP Architect of Library & Museum"
Untitled (Beach/Richmond Cottage) A93.839
Untitled (Beach/Richmond Cottage)
"The Awakening" A75.554
"The Awakening"
"Te Henui, 1881" PA2011.103
"Te Henui, 1881"
"Storm Seas - Paritutu N.P." A98.756
"Storm Seas - Paritutu N.P."
"Halley's Comet Over Hawera" PA2012.136
"Halley's Comet Over Hawera"
"Xena Over Back Beach" PA2012.139
"Xena Over Back Beach"
"Road to Manaia" PA2012.140
"Road to Manaia"
"Self portrait" A64.641
"Self portrait"
"Garden Standing - Pukekura Park" A64.613
"Garden Standing - Pukekura Park"
"Mike" A65.616
"July Evening - Oakura Beach" A64.643
"July Evening - Oakura Beach"