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An ambrotype portrait of Sgt. William Hancock Bosworth, who fought in the New Zealand Wars and the Crimean War. Bosworth married Elizabeth Bourns in 1847 when stationed in Ireland with the 49th British Regiment. He transfered to the 57th Regiment prior to the Crimea War and the family was posted to India and then to Taranaki in 1861. On retirement from the army Sgt. Bosworth opted to remain in New Plymouth where he became gaoler and governer of New Plymouth prison which he had built using convict labour, while Elizabeth worked as the matron.

Bosworth is seated and is wearing his military uniform. He is looking away from the camera. Contained in a leather case with double clasps on the right hand side. Inside of lid is lined with embossed velvet.
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Red leather bound photograph album with the title "Some "Soldiers of the Queen" who served in the Maori Wars and Other Notable Persons Connected therewith" embossed in gold lettering on the cover. The album is compiled by William Francis Robert Gordon and contains 455 photographic copies of original photographs, mostly carte-de-visite portraits of people related to the New Zealand Wars. It is assumed most of these copies were taken by Gordon himself. Most of the photographs are silver gelatin chloride printing-out paper prints, with the exception of five albumen prints, six silver gelatin bromide developing-out paper prints and six photomechanical reproductions. A portion of the imagery in the album is loosely ordered into regiments.
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