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Accession No Name/Title
Hickey, Couple WD.060776
Hickey, Couple
Bayly, Boy WD.061420
Bayly, Boy
Bayly, Boy WD.061421
Bayly, Boy
Bayly, Boy WD.061422
Bayly, Boy
Simmons, Children WD.061944
Simmons, Children
Corlett, Boy WD.066264
Corlett, Boy
Mitchell, Boy WD.066273
Mitchell, Boy
Matthews, Girls WD.066570
Matthews, Girls
Clarkson, Girl WD.066616
Clarkson, Girl
Bennett, Man WD.059165
Bennett, Man
Goodrick, Woman WD.059042
Goodrick, Woman
Percy Stainton SW1953.0139
Percy Stainton
Adlam, Children WD.066140
Adlam, Children
Winnie Rudolph, Head Prefect 1968 PHO2010-0330
Winnie Rudolph, Head Prefect 1968
Rangiatea Girls' College, 1968 PHO2010-0328
Rangiatea Girls' College, 1968
"The Log Ship Judith Ann" PHO2010-0006
"The Log Ship Judith Ann"
Christine Antunovic WD.018346
Christine Antunovic
Christine Antunovic WD.018347
Christine Antunovic
Christine and Audrey Antunovic WD.018350
Christine and Audrey Antunovic
Antunovic, Group WD.018351
Antunovic, Group
Antunovic, Group WD.018353
Antunovic, Group
Alfred G. Honnor, Mayor of New Plymouth 1956-1968 PHO2009-193
Alfred G. Honnor, Mayor of New Plymouth 1956-1968
Lions Christmas Parade, Crowd PHO2011-2177
Lions Christmas Parade, Crowd
Lions Christmas Parade PHO2011-2181
Lions Christmas Parade
Lions Christmas Parade PHO2011-2182
Lions Christmas Parade