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Exterior view of Waldie's Flats, now known as the Devonport Flats, on St Aubyn Street, New Plymouth. Trees and shrubs in the foreground. The flats were built for Mr A. B. Waldie.
Accession No

Pencil sketch, likely a working drawing, of a child [Thomas] in a swing under the clothes line. Washing is visible on the line and a clothes basket is on the ground next to Thomas. Skyline with hills is visible in the top left corner. Smither has made notes indicating what colour things are, presumably for the generation of a later painting. The pencil marks are generally heavy and dark, scouring and buckling the paper in places.
Accession No

Cartoon depicting a husband and wife sitting at home in front of the fire. The husband is reading a newspaper article about the Battle of the Somme and a war scene in a 'thought bubble' can be seen above the fireplace.
Accession No