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Black pen and ink sketch depicting a ship at sea with dark clouds overhead through which rays of sunlight are evident. On reverse of image are two labels indicating the work was exhibited on at least two occassions; once for the W.W.S Association; the other shows the work won second prize (for the pen & ink- Land or Seascape section) at the Taranaki Agricultural Society, Winter Show, June 1952.
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Black ink sketch by Bernard Aris depicting a five masted barque with sails down, tied at wharf. Possibly the S. "Hall"?
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Sketch of the Camphouse at North Egmont, Mount Taranaki. A figure is lifting something outside the building. Trees and foliage in foreground and middleground. A telephone pole is pictured on the right of the image. The Camphouse was formerly one of the military barracks on Marsland Hill, which was used by both military and civilians during the Taranaki Wars.
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A collection of 111 collages of various media by various artists. The collection comprises a collage from each of the 111 artists from around the world who participated in the 15th International Collage Exchange (ICE15) which took place from March 2012 to March 2013. The International Collage Exchange is organised by Dale Copeland annually. Each year participating artists make 13 collages and send them to Dale. Each artist nominates one of their works to form a collection that is donated to an art institution somewhere in the world and another to be offered for sale at an exhibition in Taranaki. The remaining collages are shared out amongst the participating artists. Copeland chose Puke Ariki to receive the ICE15 collection. The artists who participated in ICE15 and are represented in the collection are: Dale Copeland, Laurie Lee, Marian Hoffman Ting, Judith Mangiameli, Elizabeth Concannon, Robert Tucker, Richard Fulham, Valerie Arntzen, Mimi Shapiro, Pascale Hulin, Jenny Newbound, Anne Holliday, Sandy Styer, Martha Whittemore, Elissa Gordon, Marcy Rutledge, Ken Berryman, Jean Tock, Joan Schulze, L. Sue Smith, Philippe Lemarie, Eirian Griffiths, Cordula Kagemann, Linley Huggins, Csaba Pál, Clara Pechansky, Rita Rasmussen, Jeanne Roth, Margaret Conte, Ann Kinzelmann, Jo Murray, Elisabeth Liefeld, Elisabeth Holmes, Marina Bancroft, Susan Zipf, Dianne Vottero Dockery, Martha Marshall, Valaree Cox, Chris Emeleus, Christine Newsome, Julian Royds, Shirley McElhaney, Lorraine Neill, Elaine Johnson, Susan Ashley, Mary Ellen Long, Claire Marcus, Bonnie Helm-Northover, Steve Lovett, Kenna Adatte, Carolyn Swart, Susan Wendlandt, Lee Kirk, LuEllen Joy Giera, Sharon Anderson, Susan Gnaedinger, Judith Bergerson, Laura Lein-Svencner, Grace Leal, Neila Kun, Marian Mulligan, Sue Bell, John Sager, Carol Staub, Dianne Greenwood, Barbara Kae, Nancy Bell Scott, Carol Melichar, I. M. Noonan, Kathleen Schmieder, Billye Miraglia, Martha Bush, Ursula Burmeister, Adele Hickford, Kathlyn Moss, Renea Erickson, Sandra Peterson, Jeanne Rohen, Alexandra Neira, Andrew Podmore, Jackie Deane, Laura Burton, Shelley Valentine, Elisabetta Gasparini, Suze de Lee, Stephanie Forsyth, Catherine Key, Karen McDell, Alison Waldrom, Juliet McAra, Julia Wigent, Mary Beth Lies, Lynda Andrus, Nellie Brannan, Julie Cannon, Glenys Howland, Ron Prost, Michelle Cambie, Lorraine Pemberton, Janet Daley, Donna Orti, Cheryl Alt, Elizabeth Bogard, Amanda Hewlett, Sally Thrush, Roger Morris, Margarita Djarova, Leila Hunter, Karen Fletcher Braverman, Lisa Noack (Lizsticks) and Lisa Haddad.
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