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Accession No Name/Title
Medal, New Zealand War Service A59.348
Medal, New Zealand War Service
Medal, New Zealand Long and Efficient Service A74.875
Medal, New Zealand Long and Efficient Service
Bottle, Codd A97.032
Bottle, Codd
Bottle, Aerated Water A97.034
Bottle, Aerated Water
Bottle, Codd A97.036
Bottle, Codd
Bottle, Codd A97.038
Bottle, Codd
Bottle, Codd A97.039
Bottle, Codd
Bag, Rolled Oats A97.179
Bag, Rolled Oats
Bag, Rolled Oats A97.180
Bag, Rolled Oats
Medal, Victory A59.342
Medal, Victory
Medal, New Zealand A59.305
Medal, New Zealand
Medal, New Zealand A59.304
Medal, New Zealand
Medal, British War A59.327
Medal, British War
Medal, New Zealand A59.306
Medal, New Zealand
Bell, Ship's A77.512
Bell, Ship's
Pole PA2012.023
Wheels, Lawn Mower PA2012.022
Wheels, Lawn Mower
Bottle, Medicinal A97.029
Bottle, Medicinal
Bottle, Hamilton Patent A97.027
Bottle, Hamilton Patent
Bottle, Codd A97.030
Bottle, Codd
Bottle, Codd A97.025
Bottle, Codd
Bottle, Chemist A97.033
Bottle, Chemist
Bottle, Baby Feeder A97.026
Bottle, Baby Feeder
Bottle, Chemist A97.028
Bottle, Chemist
Bottle, Chemist A97.031
Bottle, Chemist