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Accession No Name/Title
Evening gown PA2017.031
Evening gown
Purse A89.911
Cross, Iron A74.941
Cross, Iron
Croix de Guerre A74.931
Croix de Guerre
Medal, St Helena A74.929
Medal, St Helena
Medal, St Helena A74.928
Medal, St Helena
Medal, Easter Winter Campaign A74.936
Medal, Easter Winter Campaign
Croix de Guerre A74.930
Croix de Guerre
Medal, Indochina Campaign (1953) A74.908
Medal, Indochina Campaign (1953)
Cross, Voluntary Military Services A74.912
Cross, Voluntary Military Services
Cross, Combatants A74.913
Cross, Combatants
Medal, Victory A59.339
Medal, Victory
Medal (Miniature Victory) A59.344
Medal (Miniature Victory)
Medal, Victory A59.342
Medal, Victory
Star (Miniature 1914-15) A59.346
Star (Miniature 1914-15)
Medal, (Miniature Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) A59.347
Medal, (Miniature Most Excellent Order of the British Empire)
Star, 1914-15 A59.352
Star, 1914-15
Medal, British War A59.351
Medal, British War
Medal, (Miniature British War) A59.345
Medal, (Miniature British War)
Medal, Victory A59.350
Medal, Victory
Medal, War 1939-45 A59.349
Medal, War 1939-45
Medal, Military A59.353
Medal, Military
Medal, Military A59.354
Medal, Military
Medal, War A59.415
Medal, War
Medal, New Zealand A59.304
Medal, New Zealand