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Accession No Name/Title
Tuuta, Nora & Patricia WD.059642
Tuuta, Nora & Patricia
Newman, Woman and child WD.059641
Newman, Woman and child
Newman, Family WD.059640
Newman, Family
Newman, Family WD.059639
Newman, Family
Gadd, Family WD.059638
Gadd, Family
Dixon, Family WD.059637
Dixon, Family
Fraser, Family WD.059636
Fraser, Family
Goldsworthy, Family WD.059635
Goldsworthy, Family
Grayling, Family WD.059634
Grayling, Family
Goldsworthy, Family WD.059633
Goldsworthy, Family
Hughson, Family WD.059632
Hughson, Family
Hughson, Family WD.059631
Hughson, Family
Davy, Family WD.059630
Davy, Family
Gopperth, Family WD.059629
Gopperth, Family
McCabe, Family WD.059628
McCabe, Family
Gopperth, Family WD.059627
Gopperth, Family
Klatt, Family WD.059626
Klatt, Family
Wiles, Family WD.059625
Wiles, Family
Smith, Family WD.059624
Smith, Family
Read, Family WD.059623
Read, Family
Phillips, Family WD.059622
Phillips, Family
Hawkins, Family WD.059621
Hawkins, Family
Haughton, Family WD.059620
Haughton, Family
Coxhead, Family WD.059619
Coxhead, Family
Spring, Family WD.059618
Spring, Family