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Accession No Name/Title
Wood, Couple WD.054820
Wood, Couple
Gladys and Henry Taylor WD.054819
Gladys and Henry Taylor
Withers, Couple WD.054818
Withers, Couple
Wolfsbauer, Couple WD.054817
Wolfsbauer, Couple
Vaughan, Woman WD.054816
Vaughan, Woman
Williams, Couple WD.054815
Williams, Couple
O'Halloran, Couple WD.054814
O'Halloran, Couple
Old, Couple WD.054813
Old, Couple
Powell, Couple WD.054812
Powell, Couple
Steppenson, Couple WD.054811
Steppenson, Couple
Brocklebank, Couple WD.054810
Brocklebank, Couple
Crossman, Couple WD.054809
Crossman, Couple
Baker, Couple WD.054808
Baker, Couple
Albert and Stella Benny WD.054807
Albert and Stella Benny
Bowen, Couple WD.054806
Bowen, Couple
Boer, Couple WD.054805
Boer, Couple
Curby, Couple WD.054804
Curby, Couple
Gibson, Couple WD.054803
Gibson, Couple
Gilbanks, Couple WD.054802
Gilbanks, Couple
Gadsby, Couple WD.054801
Gadsby, Couple
Easthope, Couple WD.054800
Easthope, Couple
James, Couple WD.054705
James, Couple
Ellis, Couple WD.054698
Ellis, Couple
Franklyn, Couple WD.054697
Franklyn, Couple
Conaglen, Couple WD.054696
Conaglen, Couple