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Photograph album compiled by Keith Gladstone Russell. Contains approximately 450 silver gelatin photographs of mountaineering, tramping and skiing trips in various North Island locations including Mount Taranaki and Tongariro National Park. The album also includes photographs from Russell's high school and College of Education days. Some of the photographs are accompanied by Russell's type-written accounts of the mountaineering and tramping trips.
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A large crowd of people is gathered outside the New Plymouth Savings Bank on Devon Street for the opening of the building by Governor General Viscount Bledisloe. Bledisloe addresses the crowd from a raised platform outside the bank, there are people seated behind him on the platform. The bank building is decorated with a New Zealand flag and the Union Jack.
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View of the Bank of New South Wales building on the corner of Tasman and Napier Streets, Opunake. There is a car parked outside the bank.
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Portrait of Yep family. Unidentified woman holding her son Harry, other children Rita and Johnny seated next to their father Jack Yep. The surname of the man at back has been identified as Wai. The "Wai & Yep" store in the 1960s was situated where the Snell statue is today.
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Miss H. M. Feaver and Mr John feaver Senior stand in front of a studio backdrop. John Feaver wears a dark-toned suit while Miss H. M. Feaver wears a light-toned gress with a dark-toned brooch.
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Six young women pose in a line in front of a studio backdrop. The women wear matching costumes of light and dark toned skirts, blouses, hats and light toned knee-high stockings. Some of the women wear dancing shoes. The costumes are for "The Canoe Ballet" a dance the group performed as part of the 1927 Opunake Tennis Club Concert. The woman on the far right is Donnie Morris.
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Studio portrait of Mr and Mrs Phillip Patene of Parihaka.
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Studio portrait of W. Janett and his nephews. W. Jannet is seated in a cane chair and is in military dress. His nephews stand on either side of him.
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Panoramic view of Egmont Brewery on Queen Street, New Plymouth. A car and two trucks, their trays full of crates, are parked outside the brewery. Twelve Egmont Brewery staff stand in a line on the footpath outside the building. They have been identified as, from left to right: Ken Johnson, Roy Mason, Dick Stewart, John Quirke, Jack Midhurst, Peter Erskine, Noel Autridge, Alan Nicoll, Jim Hood, Fred Lyes, Len Green and Bill Mason.
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The Carnegie Public Library on King Street, New Plymouth is seen under construction. Scaffolding surrounds the lower level of the building. Four workers are standing on the scaffolding around the building's portico while another four stand in front of the portico at street level. Amongst the workers are: L. Patterson, F. Reed, ? Reed, S. Brookes, F. McKeown, C. Coleman, D. Scott and G. Gunson.
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A building, identified as Shaws Building, is under construction in Brougham Street, New Plymouth. There is scaffolding over the building's facade. Twelve men, possibly construction workers, lean against a fence in front of the building. There is also a bicycle leaning against the fence.
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Copy photograph of decorations in Devon Street, New Plymouth for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. An arch spans across Devon Street, just past the railway crossing. The arch is decorated with foliage and banners reading "GOD BLESS THE QUEEN", "VR" and "LONG LIVE THE QUEEN". A group of people is visible on the right hand side of the street and a horse-drawn carriage is visible beyond the arch. The photograph's caption states that it was taken early in the morning.
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Album page with a a photographic print adhered to both sides. One side shows a view of Ōākura River mouth with Ōkorotua marae, now commonly referred to as Ōākura pa, visible on the left. Three horses are visible on the right.

The second photograph is a view looking East up Devon Street, New Plymouth. The corner of Brougham and Devon Streets is visible on the left and the railway lines are visible are bit further up the street. A man is standing on the footpath beside the National Bank building on the right.
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Album page with four photographs relating to Pukearuhe Redoubt on one side and a memorial to the Hunter Brothers on the other. Three of the photographs of Pukearuhe Redoubt show men, women and children sitting and standing outside thatched buildings. The fourth photograph is a view of the Pukearuhe amongst landscape.
The Hunter Brothers Memorial photograph shows a memorial in the form of an urn on an obelisk atop a pedestal which is inscribed with text.
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Copy photograph of the South West corner of Devon and Brougham Streets, New Plymouth. Caption information identifies the building on the corner as Black's Bakery. The Ship Inn is visible along from the bakery. The large building on the extreme left of the photograph was erected for R. M. Honeywill. It was completed in June 1868.
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Copy photograph of a view looking East down Devon Street, New Plymouth. Caption information written the mount identifies the buildings on the left hand side of the street as the White Hart Hotel, a bakers, Mrs Fishleigh's restaurant, Robert Cunningham's boot shop, Augustus Daley's store, Tom Wildman's music shop and the Masonic Hotel.
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Album page with a photograph adhered on both sides. The first photograph is of a large crowd of people gathered outside the Provincial Council Chambers on Brougham Street, New Plymouth in the rain. Many of the people are holding opened umbrellas. More people are at the windows of the building and atop the portico of the entrance. The mayor of New Plymouth, Edward Dockrill reads a proclamation to the crowd from the portico. The chambers building is decorated with flags including the New Zealand flag and Union Jack. A banner on the portico reads "Long Live the King". The photograph on the other side shows the interior of an unknown church.
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A group of six men stand outside Smart Bros Plumbers and Gasfitters office and showrooms on the corner of Powderham and Brougham Streets, New Plymouth. One man is sitting on a ladder. Amongst the men are W. Nutt, F. McKeown, H. Coppen, G. White and L. Patterson.
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Collection of photographs and negatives relating to Ivon Watkins Ltd (established 1944), later known as Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd (1964-1990), which produced agricultural products including herbicides and and pesticides. The company was based at 89 Paritutu Road, New Plymouth. The collection consists of 36 colour prints, 32 black and white prints, 2 black and white sheet negatives, 5 colour 35mm strip negatives and 1 colour slide. The photographs depict mostly views of the company's operations and premises taken by various commercial photography studios. The collection also features several photographs of company co-founder Daniel Anthony (Dan) Watkins.
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Interior view of New Plymouth Sash and Door Company Gill Street factory. Staff members are seen standing next to various pieces of large milling machinery. There is a large pile of cut timber on the middle of the composition.
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Six mounted and annotated silver gelatin photographs relating to the activities of Ivon Watkins Ltd, later known as Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd. Titles of photographs are: "Ivon Watkins Ltd. Aerial Operators' Technical School, April 1956"; "Ivon Watkins Limited Spray Contractors' Conference, New Plymouth - April 30th-May 1st, 1957"; "Ivon Watkins Ltd. Master Distributors' Conference 1960"; "Ivon Watkins Limited Weedone Specialists School of Instruction, New Plymouth 1962"; "Ivon Watkins-Dow Limited Agricultural Chemical Sales Seminar, August 1964"; "Ivon Watkins-Dow Limited Agricultural Chemical Sales Division 1968".
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Album page with a photograph of New Plymouth Sash and Door Company Gill Street premises and a photograph of what is possibly a gecko. In the Sash and Door Company photograph a small truck and a larger truck pulling loads of woods and cut timber are parked outside. Four men lean on these vehicles. A sign on the building reads "Sash & Door Co" and a sign on one of the vehicles reads "New Plymouth Sash & Door Coy Ltd".
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Group portrait of New Plymouth Sash and Door Company staff gathered outside the company's Gill Street factory. The staff sit or stand beside vehicles and trailers. Some staff are also posed in an upper storey window on the left. A sign on the building reads "Sash & Door Co" and a sign on one of the vehicles reads "New Plymouth Sash & Door Coy Ltd"
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Wedding portrait of Frederick Samuel Butler and Alice Mary Butler (nee Woodhead), parents of Frederick Burdett Butler. Frederick and Alice stand outside on a rug in front of shrubbery with linked arms. Alice wears a long gown, gloves, a veil with floral decorations and holds a large bouquet. Frederick wears a suit, gloves, a thick moustache and flowers in his button hole.
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View of Kirihau Mill off Koru Road, Taranaki. Three women and two young children are grouped by the mill's open gate. A man with his hands on his hips stands behind in the timber yard which is full of piles of cut timber. A car is visible in the foregroud. Steam emerges from a mill building with a tall chimney on the right hand side of the photograph. Several small buildings are visible against a line of trees further back. A snow-clad Mount Taranaki looms behind the scene.
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