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Accession No Name/Title
Loader, Girls WD.066510
Loader, Girls
Ward, Girl WD.066509
Ward, Girl
Waite, Girl WD.066508
Waite, Girl
Wells, Girl WD.066507
Wells, Girl
Speedy, Girls WD.066506
Speedy, Girls
Brown, Infant WD.066491
Brown, Infant
Stevenson, Infant WD.066486
Stevenson, Infant
Shulver, Baby WD.066485
Shulver, Baby
Scott, Infant WD.066484
Scott, Infant
Lawrence, Infant WD.066483
Lawrence, Infant
Knapman, Girl WD.066481
Knapman, Girl
Young, Girls WD.066480
Young, Girls
Waller, Girl WD.066478
Waller, Girl
McCarty, Group WD.066477
McCarty, Group
McCarty, Boy WD.066476
McCarty, Boy
McCarty, Infant WD.066475
McCarty, Infant
Kivell, Girl WD.066474
Kivell, Girl
Leah Horo WD.066473
Leah Horo
McGewan, Girl WD.066469
McGewan, Girl
Sharrock, Girl WD.066468
Sharrock, Girl
Linn, Infant WD.066466
Linn, Infant
Moira and Mary Brockhill WD.066465
Moira and Mary Brockhill
Sirett, Girls WD.066464
Sirett, Girls
Gail Raynor WD.066463
Gail Raynor
Sleep, Girls WD.066460
Sleep, Girls