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Group on spectator stands, New Plymouth Saltwater Municipal Baths PHO2012-0090
Group on spectator stands, New Plymouth Saltwater Municipal Baths
Joan Glanville-Clark, Debutante PHO2013-0031
Joan Glanville-Clark, Debutante
Dorothy Ella Davies PHO2013-0115
Dorothy Ella Davies
Ellen Davies (nee Caddy) PHO2013-0119
Ellen Davies (nee Caddy)
West End School Queen Carnival PHO2014-0124
West End School Queen Carnival
Ethel Gilray (nee Standish) PHO2014-0196
Ethel Gilray (nee Standish)
New Plymouth Airport PHO2014-0203
New Plymouth Airport
Currie Street, New Plymouth PHO2014-0205
Currie Street, New Plymouth
Nora Maguire PHO2014-0384
Nora Maguire
Uruti Store and School PHO2015-0209
Uruti Store and School
Withermhurst, Wedding SW1923-1930.00009
Withermhurst, Wedding
Frazier, Weddings SW1923-1930.00010
Frazier, Weddings
[Lankshear], Wedding SW1923-1930.00012
[Lankshear], Wedding
Crossley, Wedding SW1923-1930.00018
Crossley, Wedding
Gable, Wedding SW1923-1930.00020
Gable, Wedding
Dodunski, Wedding SW1923-1930.00021
Dodunski, Wedding
Bellshaw, Wedding SW1923-1930.00023
Bellshaw, Wedding
Dempsey, Wedding SW1923-1930.00024
Dempsey, Wedding
Bracegirdle, Wedding SW1923-1930.00026
Bracegirdle, Wedding
Deacon, Wedding SW1923-1930.00029
Deacon, Wedding
Walker, Woman SW1923-1930.00108
Walker, Woman
Curline, Woman SW1923-1930.00163
Curline, Woman
Unknown, Woman SW1923-1930.00164
Unknown, Woman
West, Woman SW1923-1930.00206
West, Woman
Watt, Wedding SW1923-1930.00210
Watt, Wedding