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Accession No Name/Title
Payne, Family WD.059582
Payne, Family
Julian, Family WD.059581
Julian, Family
Hoare, Family WD.059580
Hoare, Family
Fulford, Family WD.059579
Fulford, Family
Moore, Family WD.059578
Moore, Family
Edna & Jenny Woods WD.058938
Edna & Jenny Woods
Woods, Group WD.058936
Woods, Group
Brathwaite, Mother and child WD.058846
Brathwaite, Mother and child
Unknown, Family Group WD.058000
Unknown, Family Group
Stevens, Family WD.057223
Stevens, Family
Riley, Family WD.057222
Riley, Family
Wells, Woman and infant WD.057221
Wells, Woman and infant
Morton, Woman and child WD.057054
Morton, Woman and child
Kirkwood, Woman and child WD.057053
Kirkwood, Woman and child
Kirkwood, Woman and child WD.057052
Kirkwood, Woman and child
Huffam, Family WD.057051
Huffam, Family
Scott, Family WD.057050
Scott, Family
Downes, Woman and child WD.057049
Downes, Woman and child
Fuller, Woman and child WD.057048
Fuller, Woman and child
[Brausgrove], Woman and Child WD.056503
[Brausgrove], Woman and Child
Froggatt, Woman and Child WD.056502
Froggatt, Woman and Child
Wipiti, Woman and Child WD.056501
Wipiti, Woman and Child
Black, Woman and Child WD.056500
Black, Woman and Child
Candy, Family Group WD.056323
Candy, Family Group
Greenhill, Family Group WD.056322
Greenhill, Family Group