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Accession No Name/Title
Cotter, Family WD.059708
Cotter, Family
Margaret Loveridge WD.059706
Margaret Loveridge
Beaven, Family WD.059705
Beaven, Family
Bilbe, Family WD.059704
Bilbe, Family
Powell, Children WD.059703
Powell, Children
Rogers, Family WD.059702
Rogers, Family
Pearce, Family WD.059701
Pearce, Family
Mervin Nigel, with their parents Iris and Brian Neilson. WD.059700
Mervin Nigel, with their parents Iris and Brian Neilson.
Punton, Children WD.059696
Punton, Children
Corbett, Children WD.059692
Corbett, Children
Rowlands, Infant WD.059686
Rowlands, Infant
Longstaff, Children WD.059685
Longstaff, Children
McCabe, Children WD.059676
McCabe, Children
Wilson, Family WD.059665
Wilson, Family
Wilson, Family WD.059664
Wilson, Family
Putt, Family WD.059663
Putt, Family
Rasmusson, Family WD.059662
Rasmusson, Family
Neilson, Family WD.059661
Neilson, Family
Shaw, Family WD.059660
Shaw, Family
Smith, Family WD.059659
Smith, Family
Gopperth, Family WD.059658
Gopperth, Family
McKay, Family WD.059657
McKay, Family
MacIntyre, Family WD.059656
MacIntyre, Family
Maulder, Family WD.059655
Maulder, Family
Moore, Family WD.059654
Moore, Family