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Accession No Name/Title
McNeil - Humphries Wedding PHO2001-20
McNeil - Humphries Wedding
Arthur Frederick Dobbin with "Motor Car", Oaonui PHO2004-173
Arthur Frederick Dobbin with "Motor Car", Oaonui
Billing, Wedding PHO2008-192
Billing, Wedding
Billing, Wedding PHO2008-193
Billing, Wedding
"Parker-Lusk wedding" PHO2008-362
"Parker-Lusk wedding"
"Mary Lawn, Pungarehu" PHO2008-416
"Mary Lawn, Pungarehu"
"Mary Lawn, Pungarehu (for Joe Lawn)"
Gladding Wedding PHO2009-120
Gladding Wedding
Fleming-Byrnes wedding PHO2009-236
Fleming-Byrnes wedding
Heissenbuitte - Layman wedding PHO2009-259
Heissenbuitte - Layman wedding
Heisenbuitte - Layman wedding PHO2009-260
Heisenbuitte - Layman wedding
Fleming wedding
Fleming and Hickey wedding
John and Annie Marriner PHO2010-0185
John and Annie Marriner
Hughes-Horo wedding PHO2010-0187
Hughes-Horo wedding
Lynne and Dale Bridgeman PHO2010-0336
Lynne and Dale Bridgeman
Eversfield-Prosser wedding, Bridal party PHO2010-0365
Eversfield-Prosser wedding, Bridal party
O'Brien - Mulligan Wedding PHO2010-0475
O'Brien - Mulligan Wedding
McNeil - Humphries Wedding PHO2010-0476
McNeil - Humphries Wedding
O'Brien - Mulligan Wedding PHO2010-0479
O'Brien - Mulligan Wedding
O'Brien - Mulligan Wedding PHO2010-0481
O'Brien - Mulligan Wedding
"Peace Celibrations [sic], July 1919 Opunake" PHO2010-0490
"Peace Celibrations [sic], July 1919 Opunake"
Peace Day Celebrations, Ihaia Road School Group PHO2010-0491
Peace Day Celebrations, Ihaia Road School Group
Unidentified Children PHO2011-0041
Unidentified Children
Hickman and Clouston Children PHO2011-0843
Hickman and Clouston Children