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The huge portrait of the young Queen Elizabeth, painted for the Royal Visit in 1953 by artist Jack Wood with Barbara Gaye (known as Gaye) Hoskin standing beside it.
Accession No

Studio portrait of Nyla Downs, Taranaki Champion Marching Leader and member of the Inglewood Vanguards, 1950-1951. In full marching regalia with trophies. Framed. (See also PHO2006-073)
Accession No

Frank Ferrier and Phil Lightband of Rural Aviation Limited. Both men are standing in front of a large format aerial map of the Taranaki region, Frank Ferrier to the left and Phil Lightband to the right.
Accession No

Frank Ferrier and Phil Lightband of Rural Aviation Limited. Both men are pictured in an office standing over a table with a map. Frank Ferrier stands to the left and Phil Lightband to the right.
Accession No

Miles King, founder of Rural Aviation Limited, pictured in an office flanked to his left by Peter Wolfe and to his right by Phil Lightband. The photograph in front of which the three men stand is of a 'Beaver' aircraft with a conveyor loader.
Accession No

Ginger Butler (engineer) and Dick Barlow (stores manager) of Rural Aviation Limited. Ginger Butler is standing, whilst Dick Barlow is seated at a desk.
Accession No

Studio portrait of the Taranaki Senior Women's 'A' Representative Hockey Team, 1981. Winners of the Mills Cup (Palmerston North) National Tournament. Sitters in the back row include (from left to right): Stephnie Portway (N.Z. Under 23), Shirley Hall (N.P.C), Mary Houlihan (N.P.C). Sitters in the middle row include (from left to right): Mrs B MacAlister (Stratford, Manager), Diane Evans (Okato), Linda Simonsen (N.P.C), Robyn Hayward (Apex), Helen Charteris (N.P.C), Jenny Blair (Eltham). Sitters in front row include (from left to right): Sharon Partridge (S.O.G), Dot Andrews (N.P.C, Player/Coach), Rosemary Gould (N.P.C.,Captain), Ngaere Stones (N.P.C, Vice-Captain), Rene Mako (S.O.G).
Accession No

Studio portrait of the Kia Ora Cricket Club, 1st grade team, 1972-1973. The team was the winner of the Northern Division Championship, the Robertson Trophy and were runners-up in the Taranaki Championship. Pictured back row left to right: Laurie Jordan, Robin Astridge, Ross Ormiston. Middle row left to right: Peter Hill, Tony Keenan, Russell Hodge, Lex Newbegin. Front row left to right: Rod McMillan, Peter Stewart, Barry Dempster, Philip Stewart, Bill Lambeth. Absent: John Ainsworth, Peter Whitwell.
Accession No

Mary Meredith (nee Lawlor) working in the darkroom at Bernard Woods Studios. Mary is seated in front of a Kodak glazing machine and is holding a print that has come through the machine in her right hand. She is looking directly at the photographer. A shelf stacked with negative boxes is visible on the right hand side of the image.
Accession No

Jennifer Woods photographing at the wedding of Mary Meredith (nee Lawlor) at Omata Road Hall, 1975. Jennifer is holding a large camera in one hand and the camera cable in the other. She has a bag over one shoulder and is looking directly at the camera. Seated in the foreground is an elderly woman and in the background several other seated figures are visible. Mary Meredith worked at Bernard Woods Studios from 1971 for several years.
Accession No

Black and white display of Port Taranaki showing two framed photographs, a chart, a plan, and a three dimensional model on the port's development, 1963.
Accession No

Group photograph of the attendees at the Harbours Conference of New Zealand held in New Plymouth, 5th-7th November, 1958.
Accession No

Group portrait of the Taranaki Harbours Board, 1983-1986.
Back Row: D.C. Pease, N.R. Moller, L.S. Hickey, P.N. Atkinson, D.A. Ogier, P.G.S. Crichton, D.C. Giles, D.H. Tempero, D.R. Ranger.
Front Row: A.G.R. Williams, A.G. Barnitt, D. Mander, R.P. Snodgrass, G.B. Gibson (Chairman), J.C. Williams (Deputy Chairman), J.G. Boddy, L.C. Laird, C.G. Buckrell.
Absent: I.D. Colson, G.C. Grace, E.G. King.
Accession No

Group portrait of the attendees at the the Seventeenth Harbour Association of New Zealand Conference held in New Plymouth.
Back Row: E.N. Adams (Bluff), N.D. Cullen (Bluff), H. Meachen (Assistant Secretary), A.L. Burk (Lyttleton), J. Renton (Otago), G.A. Eddows (New Plymouth), R.C. Murphy (Gisborne), S. Vickers (New Plymouth), P.F. Higgins (Napier), E.A. Khull (Gisborne).

Third Row: G.M. Fraser (New Plymouth), W.R. Boon (Whakatane), I. Hedditch (Wanganui), C.G. Burgess (Wanganui), W.H. Hall (Timaru), A.N. Taylor (Auckland), T.M. Finnerty (Bluff), H. Holderness (Lyttleton), R.E. Cairns (Lyttleton), J.R. Harland (Napier), N.A. Murphy (Whangarei), E.L. Whimp (Whangarei), W.R. Johns (New Plymouth), T.J. Guthrie (Oamaru), S.L.C. Shepherd (Whangarei).

Second Row: W.J. Walker (Tauanga), J.D. Alach (Tauranga), C.G. Lucas (Whakatane), F.B. Maunder (Tauranga), P. McLennan (Auckland), H. Turner (Auckland), W.N. Austin (Hokianga), H. Chappell (Hokianga), W.L. Fitzherbert (Wellington), J.H. Brunt (Nelson), M.P. Congdon (Wellington), A. Jones (Nelson), R. Freeland (Auckland), G.H Meuli (Patea), J.D Hislop (Bay of Islands), A.I. Skudder (Bay of Islands), W.J. Gardner (Secretary).

Front Row: E.A Millward (Wanganui), W.C. Smith (Secretary, Maine), C.G. Hamilton (Bluff), E.J. Herrick (Napier), W.F. McCallum (Auckland), E.R.C. Gilmour (Mayor of New Plymouth), W.H. Price (President), J.L. Campbell (New Plymouth), C.W. Tyler (Lyttleton), W.R Clarke (Otago), Sir Charles Norwood (Wellington), D.A. Robertson (Dock and Harbour Assn., United Kingdom), A.J. Nicol (Gisborne).
Accession No

Gathering to commemorate the Centenary of Omata-Hurford Road Schools at Easter 1959. Those pictured are; back row (left to right): Jack Thomas, Tom Walsh, Tom Schrider, W. Morris. Second row: Leo Berridge, Tom Schrider, Lloyd Benton, Bert Seamark. Third row: Bill Sanger, Bruce Spence, Perc Johnson, Ian Kurth, Norm Berridge, and on the step below, Barclay Kurth. Front row: Albert Bayley, Len Hare, Sylvia Haldane (nee Taylor), Isabel Spranger (nee McKee) and Wally Hanover.
Accession No

Thirty four pupils with Sister Evelyn Merriot and one other teacher
Accession No

Fifty six pupils of the Rangiatea Methodist Maori Girls' Hostel seated with five adults.
Accession No

Fifty six pupils and four adults of Rangiatea Girls' College, Nga Kakano o Rangiatea.
Accession No

Pupils of Rangiatea Hostel, Nga Kakano o Rangitea 1986. Back Row: K Wilson, W Paul, D Mason, B Kerrigan, A Puki, G Taipari, R Potaka, M Patterson, T Paul. Fourth Row: S Toa, M Tairi, C Wharewaka, O Temoho, N Tuhakaraina, C Sexton, M Brown, T Tito. Third Row: B Ngapo, W webb, R Taipeti, H Huia, J Wilks, L Tuapiki, T Ahie, L Pedro, B Green, T Makawe, R Kingi, R Tawharu, S Grey, S Hudson. Second Row: John Waru (Master), S Fitzroy, A Durdam, J Martin, T Whiteman, N Winther, I Beach, J Mason, K Matoe, K Boyle, E Clay, N Brown, M O'Brien. Front Row: Hine Waru (Matron), V Mills, S Hoeta, V Anderson, H Taikato, N Whareaitu, M Moss, J Brown (Head Boy), S Nathan (Head Boy), D Ririkare ( Head Girl), D williams, B Katene, M Laupama, M Pera. Sitting: K. Waru.
Accession No

Back Row: L Armstrong, M Hodge, P Brown, R Bisson, W Wright, R Canterbury, G Kaweroa, S Baker, S Atkinson, S Van der Bosch, F Kingi, T Galo, L Mei, D Bidios, R Trotter, M Duthie, J Greach, F Smith. Middle Row: I Broughton, J Walker, M Nepia, C Thomas, W Mulligan, B Martin, W Carr, U Brooker, H Karauna, M Grieves, D Skipper, G Baker, M Curtis, K Waa, J Coffin, S Cooper. Front Row: R Edwards, M Thompson, R Katu, J Pomana (Head Boy), Mr Ellis, Mrs Blake, R Kahika, Mr Kahika (Master) Rev Couch (Chaplain), Mrs Kahika, Mrs Hopkinson, H Chaffey, A Krumanacher (Dept Head Boy) R Mathews, R Grace, L Maraku.
Accession No

Lois Newton, Head Prefect of Rangiatea Hostel in 1960.
Accession No

Lavina Te Awa, Head Prefect of Rangiatea Hostel in 1961.
Accession No

Bust portrait of Phyllis Pasene. Head Prefect of Rangiatea Hostel in 1965.
Accession No

Group of Rangiatea Hostel pupils from 1981. Pictured are Back Row: J. Komene, D. Clarricoats, W. Pukeke, G. Ratahi, S. Seymour, M. Harris, M. Rawhiti, J. Emery, A. Payne. 4th Row: W. Wati, W. Metuamate, D. Hohepa, K. Bedggood, D. Kotui, D. Whatarau, D. Ross, W. Parata, P. Bedggood, M. Pahau, C. Puru, G. Ratahi. 3rd Row: G. Power, G. Manaia, D. Awhitu, S. Manaia, D. Hunia, W. Callaghan, B. Wilson, T. Lawton, I. Munday, N. Toa, P. Abraham, S. Reedy. 2nd Row: J. Haenga, P. Kohi, J. Pupuke, M. Paton (Trade Training Officer), D. Teawhe (Master), Moana Teawhe, Mrs H Teawhe (Matron), H. Epararaima, M. Puru, R. Nio-Aporo, W. Te Kowhai. Front Row: J. Edwards, M. Paul, J. Tahi, V. Te Amo, A. Seymour, R. Toi. Absent: N. Barrett.
Accession No

Group of Rangiatea Hostel pupils from 1984. Pictured are; Back Row: L. Boyle, M. Turahui, R. Taylor, T. Savage, D. Batistich, D. James, T. Waiariki, T. Ruha, J. Toataua, D. Puhipuhi, R. Tauroa. 4th Row: T. Mita, J. Murray, D. Teata, N. Peri, C. Taera, W. Awarau, J. Kiu, S. Tahere, S. Waru, A. Fisher. 3rd Row: D. Drinkwater, D. Kaweroa, C. Rei, P. De Rungs, D. Hansen, W Hona, R. McKinley, S. Nicol, P. Kempton, M. Porter, Tia Tito (Night Portress). 2nd Row: D. Smith, D. Mananui, T. Mokaraka, M. Kempton, S. Nepia, D. Wharepapa, A. Ropata, B. Turner, W. Waho, A. Kerisome, P. Kumeroa, John Waru (Master), W. Waru. Front Row: D. Aull, S. Edwards, D. Toka, M. Topia, L. Hikuroa, D. Hacche, E. Wilson (Head Boy), P. Talaimanu (Deputy Head Boy), K. Butler, A. Burnard, F. Richardson, Hine Waru (Matron). In Front: K. Waru. Pictured in insets: Murray Paton (Trade Training Officer), Darryl Leatherby.
Accession No