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Photographic print depicting a view of many rows of soldiers standing on the parade ground at Nelson Camp, Parihaka. Many tents surrounded by trees on hill in background. Several civilians are also in the image, including one with wearing an apron on the mid left hand side.
Accession No

View of Devon Street, New Plymouth from Currie St. The Imperial Hotel is visible to the left and the Huatoki Bridge lower middle right.
Accession No

Photographic print by W.A. Collis depicting Lower Brougham Street, New Plymouth. Masonic Hotel (left), W.R. King Building (right). Horse drawn carriages on opposite sides of the street.
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Part two of two part panorama photograph of Parihaka. View of the huts/whares and other buildings. Series of fences/palisading in the foreground. Image is mounted on paper.
Accession No

Photograph of a group of Taranaki Volunteers posing outside fortifications at Parihaka in the Timaru Camp. White tents of military camp can be seen in the background. The soldiers are posed in two rows, each of them have packs over their shoulders and across their chests.
Accession No

View of Parihaka taken from the rear. Fort Rolleston in left background. Armed Constabulary Camp in middle background. Nelson Camp in right background - all three are marked by a cross applied in black ink to the image.
Accession No

Part one of a two part panormic photograph of a view of Parihaka. The image depicts some of the huts and whares of Parihaka. Te Whiti's whare/the meeting hosue, the first European style building on the grounds, can be seen in the upper left background. Photograph is mounted on paper.
Accession No

Framed photo montage containing fifteen historic photographs of New Plymouth buildings, street scenes and general views.
Accession No

Framed collection of sixteen small photographic prints of Armed Constabulary units/individuals and groups. Photographs dating from late 1860s and 1870s (?).
Accession No

Framed coloured presentation to Captain F.W. Okey. Includes an oval-shaped black and white photographic image of F.W. Okey with seven other slightly smaller oval-shaped images of the following individuals:
Lieut Bellringer
Sergeant Joseph
Col Sergeant Lister
Sergeant Clarke
Sergeant McKeown
Sergeant Black
Lieut Lever
Text accompanying photographic images (handwritten in pale pink, blue and white paint) reads as follows: "Presented to / Captain F.W. Okey, / by the Officers, Non-Commissioned officers / and Men of the Taranaki Rifle Volunteers / as a mark of esteem / June 3rd 1907". Above the eight portraits is a black and white photographic image of the Taranaki Rifles Volunteers, 1907. Surrounding all photographic images is a beige coloured mat upon which is painted an elaborately scrolled shield-like shape. Motifs surrounding the outside of the shield include a set of colours, fern leaves and two rifles (at lower edge). Handpainted in black along lower edge is the following: "Alf Lee, del / J. Hooker & Co., / New Plymouth / Photos by COLLIS, N.P." Plain wooden frame - greenish black in the centre panel and lighter shade of green on either side edge.
Accession No

View of the Manaia redoubt showing blockhouse and whares.
Accession No

Surfboat, New Plymouth 1884. On boat (left to right): T. Inch, T. James (behind mast), F. Joseph, G. Cock, and H. Cock. In front of the boat (left to right) are Harry Boswell, Richard Cock, Sam Roberts. T. Gyde (engineer), S. Holford, W. Russell (carter), T. Blanchett (clerk), J. W. Parker, Sgt. J. Riley, Michael McGonnell (Head Coxswain), Ben Fox, James Essex Harvey, Jack Fraser, and Joseph Simpson with horse "Duke"
Accession No

View of Lower Brougham Street looking towards the foreshore and railway. W. R. Kings building is shown on the right and the Masonic Hotel (W. Cottier proprietor) on the left. A number of people are standing around and a horse and cart are parked on the road.
Accession No

Six members of the Armed Constabulary, New Plymouth. They wear the simplified uniform with shawl-kilt that replaced trousers, which evolved during the years of bush campaigning. This uniform was based on that used by Maori. One of sixteen photographs framed together (A95.506 "Armed Constabulary, New Plymouth").
Accession No

Photograph shows Chew Chong (?) standing in the doorway of his general store on Devon Street, New Plymouth. One of fifteen photographs mounted together (A66.209 - William Andrews Collis, "Views of Old New Plymouth").
Three other men are also standing outside on the footpath.
Accession No

View of Pukearuhe Armed Constabulary Redoubt and settlement showing clifftops and sea. Photograph is mounted on card.
Plate 2 "Views of Taranki [sic]" album by W. A. Collis
Accession No

Studio portrait of Captain William Newland who was at Te Ngutu o te Manu when Von Tempsky was killed. Newland is dressed in military uniform. He is holding a cane and his gloves in his right hand. His right elbow rests on a round table to his right. His left hand is on his thigh. There is a curtain in the background on the right hand side of the image. The photograph is oval shaped and the mount is green with a cream coloured matte. The image has been heavily retouched on the right side.
Accession No

Photograph of a large group of Waireka Battle Veterans sitting together near Ngamotu (the top of Paritutu can be seen in the rear). List of names at bottom of photograph (left to right, top to bottom): T. Shaw, I. Loveridge, W. Berridge, T. Langman, J. Andrews, W. Wilson, J. Pearn, I. Allen, J. Corney, J. Lawson, M. Carrick, E. Pearn, J. McKellar, A. Longman, C. Allen, C. Kingdon, T. McGuinness, E. Hart, F. Webster, C. Bullot, J. Newland, W. Pearn, W. Tatton, W. Free, M. Jonas, H. Newland, G. Hoby, H. Brown, G. Haigh, W. Harrison, G. Curtis, J. Honeyfield, C. Happ, J. Kenyon, W. Newland, F. Oliver,
Back Row: T. Shaw, L. Loveridge, H. Berridge, W. Marshall, I. Langman, J. Andrews, W. Wilson, J. Pearn , T. Allen, J. Corney, J. Lawson, M. Carrick, E. Pearn, J. McKellar, R. Langman, C. Allen, C. Kingdon, T. McGuiness, E. Hart, F. Webster, C. Bullot, J. Newland, W. Pearn, W. Tuffon, W. Free, M. Jonas, H. Newland, G. Hoby, H. Brown, G. Haigh, W. Harrison, G. Curtis, I. Honeyfield, C. Happ, J. Kenyon, W. Newland, F. Oliver, E. Armitage, F. J. Mace, W. D. Webster, E. Armitage, F.J. Mace (N.Z.C.), W.D. Webster
Accession No

Photograph of the champagne-breaking ceremony by Miss Jane Carrington to inaugurate the New Plymouth to Waitara rail-line. The Locomotive is the "Fox".
Accession No

Photograph shows early view of the main lake and Poet's Bridge with Mt. Taranaki/Mt. Egmont visible in the distance. The Band Rotunda and the Bathing Rooms can be seen.
Accession No

Photograph shows a large group of children and adults on the summit of Mt Taranaki. Harry Peters (guide) is on the far right. Most of the figures are not looking at the camera and are yet to be identified.
Accession No

Public gathering of men, women and children on the Tikorangi/Huirangi suspension bridge, Bertrand Road, Waitara, to mark its opening by the Hon. Hall-Jones, July 1897. All the figures wear hats and coats and some are holding umbrellas. There is a steep hill in the background and large trees on the left and right of the bridge. Several figures can be seen on the ridge. There are two dogs on the bottom left.
Accession No

View of Henry Weston's Garden in the valley of Arakoekoe Stream, Carrington Street (current site of New Plymouth District Council Civic Building), ca 1874. Middle left of the photo is a boat. Demolished ca 1875 for construction of railway. Middle top of the photo is a house among the trees with a hill behind it.
Accession No

View of Devon Street, New Plymouth, looking west from Currie Street corner. Shows Haywood's Imperial Hotel and train crossing Devon Street.
Accession No

Studio portrait of Lieutenant William Johnson (left) and John Elliot (right) in front of painted back drop. Both are decorated with the New Zealand War Medal (John Elliot wears bar only). Lieutenant William Johnson has a patch over his left eye.
Accession No