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View of Main Street showing the Police Station, Court House and Post Office. A woman and young girl stand in the street. There is a horse drawn carriage stopped in the street.
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View of crowd and dignitaries gathered around the main entrance of the Opunake Post Office for the opening occasion. Man in doorway wearing white waistcoat identified as Edward Metcalf-Smith. Man holding hat is Joseph Ward.
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Street view of the Opunake Post Office with a horse drawn cart parked in front of the building. A Mr. Thompson and young girl stand in the entrance to the Post Office. A Mr. J. Cran holds the reigns of four horses from the cart.
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A group of school children posed in a formation outside Opunake School on opening day.
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View of a large crowd of people gathered outside the Opunake Post Office during a Peace Day celebration. A young man in the foreground is holding a Union Jack flag.
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St Barnabas Anglican Church on Tasman Street, Opunake. The wooden church is in the Gothic Revival style and was built in 1895 using donated timber. It has a steeply inclined roof and a distinctive tall belfry. The architectect was Frederick de Jersey Clere. Two wooden buttresses are visible on the wall of the nave. These were added in 1897 to strengthen the church against strong westerlies. A low wire and scrub fence surrounds the church.
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Large group photograph of students and some staff of Opunake School posed in front of a school building. The woman seated at the centre of the group with a rugby ball on the ground in front of her is headmistress and teacher Stella Hickey. The photograph was taken at the opening of the school building behind the group.
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Glass plate negative showing the gravesite of and memorial to Miss Mary Beatrix Dobie. The site is surrounded by an elaborate iron fence with bushes and scrub behind. There is a large stone cross and chain on top of the memorial. The memorial reads "In memory of Mary Beatrix. Daugher of Major H.M. Dobie, Late Madras Army and Ellen Dobie. Born 22nd Dec. 1850. Died 25th Nov. 1880."

Englishwoman and artist Mary was murdered at Te Namu Bay, Opunake while on holiday. Her murderer Tuhiata (known as Tuhi) confessed to the crime and was hanged on December 29 1880.
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Glass plate negative portrait of Signaller Leo Valentine Hickey, 1917. Hickey is shown wearing military uniform. He is seated with his left arm resting on a table.

Hickey was born in Opunake on 2 November 1894 to parents John Cornelius Hickey and Honora Hickey (nee Stack). He worked as a clerk before serving in WWI, embarking on 16 November 1917. He married Josephine May Lawson and had four children, and died on 11 October 1928 in Opua, Northland.
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Glass plate negative showing Dick Barron at one year old. He is standing at a block-like studio prop in front of a stylised painted landscape backdrop. He is wearing a light-toned romper and a bonnet, and is holding a spoon.
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