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Accession No Name/Title
John Fleming PHO2016-0061
John Fleming
Mr Kuriger PHO2015-0278
Mr Kuriger
Charlotte Rowland PHO2015-0239
Charlotte Rowland
Boardman Family PHO2015-0141
Boardman Family
Mr W. Jeffries and Private F. Boardman PHO2015-0126
Mr W. Jeffries and Private F. Boardman
Private F. Boardman PHO2015-0125
Private F. Boardman
Miss Boardman PHO2015-0123
Miss Boardman
Arthur Kitchingman PHO2015-0070
Arthur Kitchingman
James Clouston PHO2015-0017
James Clouston
Thomas Clouston PHO2015-0013
Thomas Clouston
James Clouston PHO2015-0010
James Clouston
Dick Barron PHO2014-0382
Dick Barron
Signaller Leo Hickey PHO2014-0371
Signaller Leo Hickey
Taringa Bishop PHO2013-0101
Taringa Bishop
Annie Henry PHO2013-0100
Annie Henry
Miss Lucy Horo PHO2013-0099
Miss Lucy Horo
Kowhinia Bishop PHO2013-0098
Kowhinia Bishop
Mohikura Bishop PHO2013-0097
Mohikura Bishop
May Rangi PHO2013-0050
May Rangi
Hapurona Rangi PHO2013-0049
Hapurona Rangi
Ngapera Wynyard (Mrs Rua Bishop) PHO2013-0036
Ngapera Wynyard (Mrs Rua Bishop)
Mrs King Cole PHO2013-0035
Mrs King Cole
Marjorie Shirley PHO2013-0034
Marjorie Shirley
Waiwera Bishop PHO2013-0017
Waiwera Bishop
Rangi Brothers PHO2012-0510
Rangi Brothers