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Accession No Name/Title
Smith, Infant WD.067268
Smith, Infant
Johnson, family group WD.066673
Johnson, family group
Mace, Woman and infant WD.066572
Mace, Woman and infant
McAuley & Bennet, children WD.066404
McAuley & Bennet, children
McAuley & Bennet, children WD.066403
McAuley & Bennet, children
Crofsky, Family WD.066353
Crofsky, Family
Torry, mother & infant WD.066298
Torry, mother & infant
Torry, mother & infant WD.066297
Torry, mother & infant
Rodney & Michael Flemming WD.066254
Rodney & Michael Flemming
Brundon, boys WD.066247
Brundon, boys
Pardington, Children WD.066232
Pardington, Children
Kennedy, woman & infant WD.066231
Kennedy, woman & infant
Kennedy, woman & infant WD.066230
Kennedy, woman & infant
Barkley, Woman & Child WD.066217
Barkley, Woman & Child
Le Bas, Family Group WD.066213
Le Bas, Family Group
Rideout, Family Group WD.066139
Rideout, Family Group
Todd, Family Group WD.066085
Todd, Family Group
Kirkland, Family Group WD.066032
Kirkland, Family Group
Carter, Family Group WD.066030
Carter, Family Group
Crofskey, Family Group WD.066029
Crofskey, Family Group
Lettie and Tanya Barnett WD.066028
Lettie and Tanya Barnett
Wall, Family Group WD.066021
Wall, Family Group
Duff, Family Group WD.066020
Duff, Family Group
Duff, Children WD.066019
Duff, Children
Duff, Family group WD.066018
Duff, Family group