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Accession No Name/Title
Smith, Infant WD.067268
Smith, Infant
Stewart, Family Group WD.065839
Stewart, Family Group
Sheehan, Family Group WD.065833
Sheehan, Family Group
Simpson, Family Group WD.065831
Simpson, Family Group
Simpson, Family Group WD.065830
Simpson, Family Group
Simpson, Family Group WD.065829
Simpson, Family Group
Mugeridge, Woman WD.059723
Mugeridge, Woman
Mugeridge, Woman WD.059722
Mugeridge, Woman
Kelly, Family WD.059721
Kelly, Family
West, Family WD.059720
West, Family
Kemsley, Family WD.059719
Kemsley, Family
Kemsley, Family WD.059718
Kemsley, Family
Hutchinson, Woman and child WD.059717
Hutchinson, Woman and child
Jones, Family WD.059716
Jones, Family
Hayman, Family WD.059715
Hayman, Family
Williamson, Family WD.059714
Williamson, Family
Fairweather, Family WD.059713
Fairweather, Family
Rutherford, Family WD.059712
Rutherford, Family
Cassie, Family WD.059711
Cassie, Family
Childs, Family WD.059710
Childs, Family
Corbett, Family WD.059709
Corbett, Family
Cotter, Family WD.059708
Cotter, Family
Beaven, Family WD.059705
Beaven, Family
Bilbe, Family WD.059704
Bilbe, Family
Rogers, Family WD.059702
Rogers, Family