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Accession No Name/Title
Duncan, Baby WD.066606
Duncan, Baby
Jim Aitken WD.066210
Jim Aitken
Henry, Infant WD.066209
Henry, Infant
Pakai, Infant WD.066208
Pakai, Infant
Emett, Infant WD.066207
Emett, Infant
McDowell, Infant WD.066206
McDowell, Infant
Chapman, Infant WD.066205
Chapman, Infant
Hale, Young man. WD.066204
Hale, Young man.
Slape, Infant. WD.066203
Slape, Infant.
Slape, Infant. WD.066202
Slape, Infant.
Ropitini, Boy WD.066201
Ropitini, Boy
Vincent, Boys. WD.066200
Vincent, Boys.
Landrigan, Boy WD.066199
Landrigan, Boy
Stronge, Infant WD.066198
Stronge, Infant
Richardson, Infant WD.066197
Richardson, Infant
Koorey, Boys WD.066196
Koorey, Boys
Montreal, Children WD.066195
Montreal, Children
Bob and Maureen Reader WD.066194
Bob and Maureen Reader
Goodwin, Children WD.066193
Goodwin, Children
Sanderson, Children WD.066192
Sanderson, Children
Bensenan, Children WD.066191
Bensenan, Children
Custers, Infant WD.066190
Custers, Infant
Custers, Girl WD.066189
Custers, Girl
Smith, Boy WD.066188
Smith, Boy
Smith, Girl WD.066187
Smith, Girl