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A large crowd of people is gathered outside the New Plymouth Savings Bank on Devon Street for the opening of the building by Governor General Viscount Bledisloe. Bledisloe addresses the crowd from a raised platform outside the bank, there are people seated behind him on the platform. The bank building is decorated with a New Zealand flag and the Union Jack.
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Jack Raha stands before a large crowd at a launching ceremony for a boat powered by a Dodge 4 cyl. motor at Ohawe. He wears a light-coloured jacket and looks towards the camera. Another man, wearing a light-coloured shirt and suspenders stands on the extreme right hand side of the photograph. He is partially cropped by the frame. The crowd is gathered beneath a steep hill. Many in the crowd wear hats including one man wearing what appears to be a policemen's hat. Further groups of people watch the event from the hillside. The boat being launched proved to be very unreliable and prone to breaking down. The crew of the boat spent several nights stranded at sea living on raw fish and the boat ended up wrecked on a beach.
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A large crowd of people are gathered outside the Kaponga Post Office to mark its opening in May 1903. Some members in the crowd are in fancy dress including a man in a distinctive pointy hat and another man in an outfit decorated with hearts. Two young men in military style uniforms carry a stretcher. Another man wearing a wide-brimmed hat is riding a horse. There are two other horses visible on the left hand edge of the photograph. Behind the crowd and the the post office other buildings and the remains of trees are visible. A sign on the building reads "Post Office".
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Groups of men and women are scattered on and beside a rough road leading to a bridge on the left hand side of the photograph. All the men and women wear hats. Some horse-drawn carriages carrying people are approaching from the bridge. To the right of the bridge there is a building under construction. It is decorated with flags. There is a triangular shaped awning on the far right of the photograph, a New Zealand flag flies from it. A string of New Zealand flags and Union Jacks flies accross the sky. Some of these are starting to become detached from the string. Power lines and cables are visible along the road as it vanishes into the distance.
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A large crowd of men and women are gathered before a man outside the main factory at Kaupokonui. The man addresses the crowd from a raised platform beneath a pyramid-shaped awning. A New Zealand? flag flies from one of the diagonal poles of the awning. The flags of other nations fly from ropes extending from the awning poles. Behind the speaker and flags a lot of scaffolding is visible. Most of the crowd wear hats. There are two horses in the bottom left hand side of the photograph.
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An opentop car decorated by Mrs N. G. Roebuck with an Egyptian theme for the Pukekura Park fete . The car has been covered in paper and palm fronds. In the car there is a male driver at the wheel, a female passenger on the back seat and two male attendants sitting on the fold back roof. All wear Egyptian costumes. The male attendants hold a flag with an Egyptian painting on it. The front of a second decorated car can be seen on the left of the photograph. An audience is gathered on the terraces behind the car. The decorated car won first prize.
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A crowd of people stand on the road and wharf watching a rowing regatta on the Waitara River. The people in the foreground have their backs to the camera and there are poeple on both sides of the river. There are two boats visible on the river.
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