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Group portrait of club members and instructors from Taranaki's Surf Lifesaving Clubs attending the New Plymouth Old Boys' Swimming and Surf Club's Lifegaurd Training School at Oakura Beach, October 1949. The group is arranged on the beach in front of the Old Boys' club buildings. On the beach in the foreground is an Old Boys surf reel, two surf boards, flippers, a paddle, and two flotation devices. Most of the people in the group are wearing red and white shirts with "LEOPARD" on them.

From left in the back row: R. Titcombe, D.Partington, W. Keegan, C. Boon, J. Brown, B. Harold, D. Wright, B. Hitchcock, D. Harold, C. West.

From left in the fifth row: L. Forrest, A. Thorstensen, L. Huffam, G. Morgan, V. Eaton, A. Thomson, R. Armstrong, P. Bridge, N. Jans, J. Henderson, W. Hana, G. Lundt, D. Adams, M. Neal, S. Geange, K. Wightman, M. Goodwin, N. Nodder, C. Brooking, W. Smart, S. Marshall, L. Gilmer.

From left in the fourth row: D. McGill, B. Doherty, G. Maddern, C. Davis, R. Shaw, A. Flynn, B. Gould, M. THomson, M. Hopkins, R. Cole, R. Walsh, G. Kitto, D. Hickey, R. Ockhuysen, G. Redford, G. Morris, P. Bennett, K. Blair, S. Bunting, R. Glentworth, P. Wester, W. Taylor, J. Buckrell, T. Partington.

From left in the third row: M. Glasier, T. Gaya, J. Glassier, P. Housiaux, J. Nodder, J. Housiaux, I. Russell, D. Ludbrook, R. Edwards, P. Ryan, B. Dalgleish, G. Johns, B. Velvin, B. Marsh, R. Fraser, P. Gayton, G. Doeg, M. Winder, M. Harvey, M. Rail, S. Reid, C. Harold, T. Palmer.

From left in the second row: D. Joblin, G. Smith, D. Wilson, A. Fraser, P. Keys, D. Ashman, R. Okey, W. Bennet, C. Frazerhurst, K.J. Wood, G. Haase, W. Williams, G. Jans, D. Lean, J. Cameron, R.J. Wood, J. Whalen, M. Brennan, J. Bennett, J. Dent.

From left in the front row: P. Courtenay, S. Jones, W. Snowden, S. Titchener, M. Powell, M. Courtenay, K. Walsh, G. Mitchell, V. Winder, K. Rowe, L. Meredith, C. O'Connor, M. Walsh, N. Easthope, T.Todd, M. Hooper, J.Lean, B. Rowe.

The photograph is mounted on blue card with the list of names attached below.
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Photograph showing crowds standing on the street and seated on the verandah above the "CENTRAL DRAPERY WAREHOUSE" enjoying the procession down Devon Street during the Jubilee Celebrations. A Railway "STOP!/LOOK OUT FOR/THE ENGINE" sign is in the foreground of the photograph. "GARRETT BRO" shop sign is on the right hand side of the photo. "AMBURY & TRING / CASH DRAPERS AND CLOTHIERS" sign on the left hand side of the street. Several banners/flags are seen to be flying including those for Fitzroy and Central Schools. Brass band members and uniformed horsemen mid foreground. In the bottom left hand corner is the writing "TARANAKI JUBILEE 1891 - PART OF PROCESSION / IN DEVON ST".
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Group portrait of Nicholas Golding on his 90th birthday with his daughter Mary Ann Smith and the first Smith male in each line of descent: Nicholas' grandson William Joseph Smith (standing on right), his great-grandson Lawrence (Laurie) Smith (standing on left) and his great-great-grandson Edward (Ned) Smith (seated). Mary is seated on a wicker chair and is wearing a dark gown. All of the men are wearing suits, except for Ned who is wearing a light-tone gown. There is a studio backdrop with draped curtains visible in the background.
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Seated portrait of Mary Ann Smith (nee Golding), wife of Edward Metcalf Smith. Mary is seated at one end of a large and elaborate wicker bench. She is wearing a full-length dark gown with beading on the front and sheer polka-dot sleeves. She is also wearing dark elbow-length gloves, a choker necklace and a hairpeice. She is holding a fan in her right hand. A painted backdrop with a large vase of flowers can be seen in the background.
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Three-quarter length studio portrait of Edward Metcalf Smith. Edward is wearing a long dark coat over a light waistcoat and shirt and dark trousers. He has a moustache and beard. He is holding a book in his left hand. There is a cane chair on his left and a painted studio backdrop visible in the background.
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Photograph album with brown and gold embossed cover. The album has 13 pages and contains 72 photographs, the majority of which are albumen carte de visites. There are also three cabinet cards, one tintype, and a small number of printing-out paper prints. The majority of the carte de visites were made in New Plymouth by W.A. Collis, H.Webster, Hoby or T.S. Muir, although a small number were made by photography studios elsewhere including Melbourne, Cape Town, London and Paris. Several of the photographs have been hand-tinted.

Very few of the photographs are annotated. Those that are include the names John Rowe, Miss Jessie North[illegible], 'Counsin Jane', W. M. Lunley, Mrs Judge (later Gawler), Reverend Spicer, Harry Hones and Archdeacon Govett. The name Arthur Callaghan is written in the album twice, independantly from any photographs. Pug dogs also feature in two of the photographs. One photograph of particular note shows an unidentified man wearing a 'Te Ope Whakaora' (Salvation Army Maori Mission) hat and seated with a Pakeha woman and toddler along with a young Maori girl.

The pages in the back half of the album have been glued together and hollowed out to accommodate a music box mechanism that has been secured to the inside back cover.
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Collection of two colour photographs and four black and white photographs depicting the refurbishment of the Egmont Steam Flour Mill building at the junction of Courtenay and Powderham Streets. The photographs show the interior and exterior of the building at different stages of renovation, including contractors working.

The Egmont Steam Flour Mill building was built in 1865-67 for Mssrs Webster and Hulke. It is the only surviving flour mill and also the oldest industrial building in New Plymouth. George Robinson was the architect, with designs supplied by Mssrs Bull and Bond, England.

The building operated as a mill until at least 1896, after which is was owned by produce merchantes Collet and Co. From 1928-65 it was adapted for use as a shop by the Farmers Co-Op, after which it began to deteriorate. The building underwent major conservation work in 1986-87, reopening as a bar and restaurant known as 'The Mill'. It was vacated in 2010.
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Lietenants William Johnson, J. C. Davies, G.H. Powley, and Thomas McGuiness (from left to right). Johnson has a patch over his left eye, Davies is seated with his hand held to his face, Powley is standing and holding a pocket watch and McGuiness is seated on the righ and has a full white beard. There are curtains draped behind the group and a vase of flowers on a table behind Johnson. The photograph is pasted onto a brown cardboard support. There is a newspaper clipping adhered to the back that refers to the inspection of veterans at Marsland Hill by His Excellency the Governer.
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Military photograph with 13 men in full military uniform standing in front of a group of trees. Two of the men are carrying flags and the others are carrying bayonets. Victor Caddy Davies is thrid from the right in the front row. The uniform he is wearing is also part of Puke Ariki's collection.
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Photograph of William Bolland Davies' homestead on Frankley Road, New Plymouth. The house is seen surrounded by bush with sheds and a fence visible on the left. There are three people and a dog standing in front of the house, a person in white standing to the left of the house, another person standing further to the left, and another person standing on the hill to the left of the house.
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Carte de visite of Robert Davies as a young child. Davies is sitting on a chair with fringing around the bottom of the seat and back. He is leaning up against a pillow that is propped against a pillar. He is wearing a light-tone top with dark sleeves and a striped belt around his chest. He is also wearing shoes with knee-high socks. Davies is holding something in his right hand. The carte de visite has a red border around the edge.
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Informal group photograph of the Moller Majorettes marching team. The team members, their coach and chaperone have assumed candid poses. Several team members pose with some of the team's trophies. Further shields and trophies are strewn on the floor in front of the group. The marchers wear their marching uniforms. The coach and chaperone wear the team's travelling uniform. The Moller Majorettes won the New Zealand Marching Championships in 1981 and represented New Zealand at the inter-dominion competition in Australia.
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Formal group photograph of the fourteen members of the Moller Majorettes marching team. The young women are posed in two loose rows with their many trophies and shields laid out in front of them. The marchers wear their formal uniform of yellow, black and red tartan kilts and hats, black blazers with medals on the lapels, white shirts, red ties, belts and gloves and white boots. The marchers also wear red aprons displaying medals. The coach and chaperone are wearing the team's travelling uniform of red blazers over patterned dresses. In the back row are, from left to right, Donna Lynch, Eileen Hall, Carolyn Shaw, Tracey Budd, Debbis Bendall, Leonie Carr and Debora Gyde. In the front row are, from left to right, Lorraine Rau (Chaperone), Helen Bull, Julie Smith, Julie Briscoe (Leader, seated), Karen Bull, Glenda Briscoe and Margaret Briscoe (Coach). The Moller Majorettes won the New Zealand Marching Championships in 1981 and represented New Zealand at the inter-dominion competition in Australia.
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Copy photograph of decorations in Devon Street, New Plymouth for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. An arch spans across Devon Street, just past the railway crossing. The arch is decorated with foliage and banners reading "GOD BLESS THE QUEEN", "VR" and "LONG LIVE THE QUEEN". A group of people is visible on the right hand side of the street and a horse-drawn carriage is visible beyond the arch. The photograph's caption states that it was taken early in the morning.
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Collection of photographs and negatives relating to Ivon Watkins Ltd (established 1944), later known as Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd (1964-1990), which produced agricultural products including herbicides and and pesticides. The company was based at 89 Paritutu Road, New Plymouth. The collection consists of 36 colour prints, 32 black and white prints, 2 black and white sheet negatives, 5 colour 35mm strip negatives and 1 colour slide. The photographs depict mostly views of the company's operations and premises taken by various commercial photography studios. The collection also features several photographs of company co-founder Daniel Anthony (Dan) Watkins.
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Early view of Devon Street, New Plymouth. Shops line either side of the street. Signs on some of these shops identifiy Uncle Tom's Wardrobe, W. R. King and Son and a tailor and draper business. There are several men standing on the corner of Devon and Brougham Streets on the left hand side of the photograph. There is an ornate street light on this same corner. There people gathered around two two horse-drawn carriages, one on either side of the street. Some horses are visible further up the street. A sign on the right hand side of the street reads "Crossing" and marks the end of the railway line at this time.
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Six mounted and annotated silver gelatin photographs relating to the activities of Ivon Watkins Ltd, later known as Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd. Titles of photographs are: "Ivon Watkins Ltd. Aerial Operators' Technical School, April 1956"; "Ivon Watkins Limited Spray Contractors' Conference, New Plymouth - April 30th-May 1st, 1957"; "Ivon Watkins Ltd. Master Distributors' Conference 1960"; "Ivon Watkins Limited Weedone Specialists School of Instruction, New Plymouth 1962"; "Ivon Watkins-Dow Limited Agricultural Chemical Sales Seminar, August 1964"; "Ivon Watkins-Dow Limited Agricultural Chemical Sales Division 1968".
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Thirteen Central School staff members, three men and ten women, are gathered in two rows beside the entrance to a building. Mr Hector Dempsey, headmaster of Central School from 1885-1919 is seated in the middle of the front row. Maude Ruby Taylor ("Aunt Daisy") is seated in the front row second from the left. Gertrude Martin is seated in the front row fourth from the left wearing a hat. Two columns are visible on the right of the photograph.
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Exterior view of R. J. Burkitt Ltd, motor mechanics, New Plymouth. The words "R. J. BURKITT LTD" have been painted on the building's windows. Several cars are visible in the open garage doors of the building. The business was owned by Royden Joseph Burkitt. Burkitt was a New Plymouth City councillor for some years and from October 1974 to October 1980 he was deputy Mayor. He also served on the Taranaki Savings Bank Board of Trustees.
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Exterior view of the Whiteley Mission House, 453-457 St Aubyn Street, New Plymouth. The Whiteley Mission House was built in 1854 as a school for Māori girls in New Plymouth. It is currently used as a community centre and is registered with the New Zealand Historic Places Trust.
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Interior view of the restaurant in the Criterion Hotel, Devon Street, New Plymouth. Two women are standing next to a serving table on the right of the photograph.
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Interior view of the restaurant in the Criterion Hotel, Devon Street, New Plymouth. Two women are standing next to a serving table at the rear of the room.
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Interior view of Pickwick's Bar in the Criterion Hotel, Devon Street, New Plymouth. A woman is standing behind the bar and two women are seated at a table in the centre of the photograph.
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Interior view of Pickwick's Bar in the Criterion Hotel, Devon Street, New Plymouth. A woman is standing behind the bar and two women are seated at a table on the left of the photograph.
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Interior view of Pickwick's Bar in the Criterion Hotel, Devon Street, New Plymouth. The photograph is a double exposure.
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