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Copy negative of original photograph showing a group of girls from New Plymouth Girls' High School (6th Form) at the beach. From left is Audrey Gale (later Eberlet), Mollie Allen (later White), Mary Brodie (later Hine), Claudia Weston (later Shand) and Mary Matthews (later Brodie). The girls are all wearing swimsuits and standing with their arms around each other.
Accession No

Silver gelatin photograph showing teacher Mary Edith Wilmshurst (later Cule) with a group of 12 children. The group is arranged in rows in an outdoor setting with thick bush behind them. Mary Wilmshurst is seated third from right in the middle row. She is wearing a light blouse and a full-length mid tone skirt. The girl to her right is holding Mary's hand. The girls in the group are all wearing light toned dresses while the boys are in shirts and pants with three of the boys also in jackets. The girl third from the left in the middle row is holding a small dog.

The Wilmshurst family lived near the Kahouri stream bridge near Stratford, where they built a small Weslyan church for the local community. This photograph may depict a group from the Sunday school classes they ran there.
Accession No

Opaltype portrait of brothers Robert, Albert, and William Putt (from left). The men are standing in a studio setting with a painted backdrop partially visible behind them on the right. Robert is leaning on a pedestal with his right arm, while Albert is seated on a bench and William is standing with his left hand touching a sheepskin rug. All three men are wearing suits. Details of the opaltype have been drawn over by hand in black and white.

William, Albert and Robert are three of the sons of John Putt and Elizabeth Putt (nee Hart) who arrived in New Plymouth on the 'William Bryan' in 1841.
Accession No

Unidentified group of women wearing tramping gear and standing in front of a building. The women are likely to be from a Taranaki alpine club as the photograph is part of the Hette Phipps collection (see PHO2015-0267).
Accession No

Collection of nine colour photographs from the Liquorland Craft Training School at Oakura Beach and Pukekura Park, November 1985, displayed together in a single mat. The photographs show group training on the lake at Pukekura Park, Ian Ferguson in the Oakura surf, Paul MacDOnald and Ian Ferguson standing together, paddle board technique training, Paul MacDonald in the Taplin Relay changeover, group involvement, the start of the ski race, paddle board instruction and surf ski technique. The photographs are from the collection of the New Plymouth Old Boys' Surf Lifesaving Club.
Accession No

Copy negative of possible copy of original portrait showing Grace and Thomas Hirst. The couple are seated together in an unknown setting. Grace Hirst is wearing a dark-toned dress with an elaborate light collar and a long headdress with flowers or other decoration on each side of her face. Thomas Hirst is wearing a dark three-piece suit. He has long sideburns. Thomas has his right hand is in his pocket.
Accession No

Copy photograph of original group portrait of Mrs Thomas Lloyd seated with a young girl on her right and a young boy standing behind her on her left. Mrs Lloyd is wearing a dark-toned dress with a light shawl over her head. Her children are both wearing dark-toned clothing. The photograph is included on page 39 of William Francis Robert Gordon's album "Some "Soldiers of the Queen" who served in the Maori Wars and Other Notable Persons Connected Herewith".
Accession No

Copy negative of original photograph showing Richard Coleman and Jane Coleman (nee Harris). Richard is standing on the left. He is wearing a mid-toned jacket and waistcoat over light trousers, and has a dark bowler hat. Jane is seated on Richard's left. She is wearing a full-length dress with stripes around the hem, a dark shawl and a bonnet. There is a table with a book on it partially visible on Richard's right.
Accession No

Photograph album belonging to James Cuthbert Sumner. The album has 15 double-sided pages and contains 170 photographs. The photographs depict family members in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The majority of the photographs are candid photographs of family members, often with their pets, and record their domestic environments. The album is bound in black textured leather with a thin gold line embossed approx 2cm in from the bound edge. The majority of photographs are annotated throughout the album with the pages containing photographs of the overseas family annotated 'U.K. Family'.
Accession No

Small photograph album belonging to Charlotte Bint (nee Allman). The album has 44 double-sided pages and contains 70 photographs. The photographs largely document Charlotte's life in Tarata and members of the Bint family. There are also several newspaper clippings in the album that record births, deaths, and marriages of members of the Bint family. The album is bound in black textured leather with 'Album' embossed on the front cover. Written inside the front cover is "Left England 26th September 1976 / Born 18th December 1852" and then "died Feb 19th 1938" later added by Charlotte's daughter Catherine Smith (nee Bint).
Accession No

Photograph showing the home of Philip Bint and his family in Tarata, Taranaki. The single-storey house has two windows in the front and a chimney-like structure on the right. Behind the house there are several hills with flattened trees and scrub visible. There is a fence in front of the house with a path leading up to the door. The path is lined with small rounded shrubs. The photograph is contained in a cardboard enclosure.

Philip's daugther Catherine can be seen sitting against the fencepost to the right of the path. She is wearing a light-tone pinafore over a dark-sleeved top and she has a dark shawl on her head. Catherine became known as Kate and later married Sydney George Smith.
Accession No

Group portrait of Sydney George Smith, his second wife Catherine (Kate) Smith (nee Bint), and their children Harry Allman, Lorna and Ray Smith (from left). The group is standing in front of a house with a garden visible behind them. Harry and Ray are both wearing uniforms with shorts and caps. Lorna is wearing a coat with fur cuffs and collar, and is also wearing gloves and a hat. Kate is wearing a dark-toned dress with a hat and pearls. Sydney is wearing a three-piece suit with a bowler hat and cane.
Accession No

Sydney George Smith (right) standing with Edward, Prince of Wales (left), during a reception for the Prince at Pukekura Park in 1920. Sydney is wearing a long coat over a shirt with a bowtie, and a bowler hat. The Prince of Wales is wearing a patterned jacket with matching trousers and a shirt and tie. He is also wearing a hat. The Prince has a cigarette in his left hand. People and a structure can be seen in the background. The image has been vignetted.
Accession No

Silver gelatin print of Alice Barbara Sumner (known as Barbara or Babs), with her Aunt, Mary Sadler and a woman whose name is unknown. The three women are seated on a sand dune. All three are facing the photographer. Alice Sumner is sitting below the other two women on the slope. She is wearing a skirt, with a shirt and cardigan. Mary Sadler is above her on the right. She is wearing a cardigan and a hat. The unknown woman next to Mary is wearing a skirt, jacket or cardigan and a hat. She is smoking a cigarette and beside her is a walking stick. In the middle between the group there are bags, a flask and mugs.

Alice Barbara Sumner is the daughter of Dorothy Paradine Sumner (nee. Sadler) and James Cuthbert Sumner. Mary Sadler is Dorothy Sumner's sister.
Accession No

Copy negative of original photograph showing Hilton (Skelly) Olliver with his wife Mabel Rose and their extended family. The large group is gathered outside with a corrugated shed and some trees behind them. The people are standing except for a row of young children seated along the ground in front. Hilton is standing to the left of centre in the middle row wearing a white shirt with pants and suspenders. Mabel Rose is standing on Hilton's left. The couple had twelve children.
Accession No

Copy negative of original photograph showing a large group. Some of the individuals are identified but the nature of the group is unknown. It has been suggested that it might be a family reunion in Okato. Men, women and children positioned outside in front of trees. The men and boys are all wearing formal clothing and are standing in the back row except one man who is seated in the second row.

In the back row from left is Ken Honeyfield, unknown, John Ashley, unknown, Charlie Drader, unknown, Thomas Eva, Horace Larking, and four more unknown people, Standing in the third row from left is Hilda Pearce, Isobel Ashley, unknown, Fanny Corbett, three unknown people, Vera Corbett, two unknown people, Nora Ruakere and Lina Honeyfield. Seated in the second row from left is Doris Andrews, unknown, Mary Hart, Keitha Wooldridge, unknown, Phyllis Corbett, Ada Ashley, Mr. Marrett, Dora Moss, Rose Collins, Vera Morris, Nora Collins and two unknown people. Seated on the ground in the first row from left is Olive Street, Dorothy Fox, Olga Aroa, Phyllis Street, Betty Hawkins and Pearl Moss.
Accession No

Copy negative of original photograph showing the Larking family. Standing in the back row from left is Doreen, Dennis, Doris May, Joyce and Maurice Larking. Seated in the front row from left is Tom, Jim, William John, William (seated on William John's knee), Frank and Richard Larking. The group is positioned outside with a fabric backdrop behind them.
Accession No

Composite photograph showing a large family group gathered for the Golden Wedding Celebration of Ruth and Joe Corney. The group is gathered in a forest setting with trees behind. Three portraits of young men are superimposed into the lower section of the image. Two of the three portraits that have been added show Clarence Corney (left) and Bert Laurence (right) wearing military uniform while William Laurence in the centre portrait is wearing a three-piece suit. The portraits have been placed over the original photograph and the whole composition re-photographed. The photograph is mounted on card.

Back row, left to right: Clarice Corney (later Anderson), Lucy Corney, Sidney Laurence, Ellen Laurence (later Vickers), Edith Laurence, Frank Laurence, Elsie Corney (later Hunt), Veta Corney (later Capper), Ethel Corney (later Gear), Leonora Corney (later Hunwick, then Law), Eileen Corney (later Burton), Ethel Corney (later Clough).

Second to back row, left to right: Jack Corney, Lizzie Laurence (later Rutter), Ruth Laurence (later Kilsby), Harry Knowles holding baby Alfred Knowles, Clara Knowles (nee Laurence), Grace Laurence (later Rowlands), Harriet Corney, Florence Corney, Rose Corney, Tom Corney, Doris Langley (later Coles), Frank Corney.

Third row from back, left to right: Mabel Corney (nee Alexander) holding baby Roger Corney, Joe Corney, Mary Corney (nee Curd), Bert Laurence, Marena Laurence holding baby Edward Knowles, Joe Corney, Ruth Corney, Maida Corney (later Burgess), William Corney holding son William Albert Corney, Nellie Corney (later Langley), Wright Langley, Minnie Corney (nee Tuck), Arthur Corney holding Geoffrey Corney.

Front row, left to right: Ada Corney (later Cadestrom), George Corney, Eric Corney, Frederick Corney, George Laurence, Harry Laurence, Harold Corney, Cedric Corney, Nita Langley, Kathleen Corney, Joyce Corney, Phyllis Corney.

Insets, left to right: Clarence Corney, William Laurence, Bert Laurence.
Accession No

Photograph album with brown and gold embossed cover. The album has 13 pages and contains 72 photographs, the majority of which are albumen carte de visites. There are also three cabinet cards, one tintype, and a small number of printing-out paper prints. The majority of the carte de visites were made in New Plymouth by W.A. Collis, H.Webster, Hoby or T.S. Muir, although a small number were made by photography studios elsewhere including Melbourne, Cape Town, London and Paris. Several of the photographs have been hand-tinted.

Very few of the photographs are annotated. Those that are include the names John Rowe, Miss Jessie North[illegible], 'Counsin Jane', W. M. Lunley, Mrs Judge (later Gawler), Reverend Spicer, Harry Hones and Archdeacon Govett. The name Arthur Callaghan is written in the album twice, independantly from any photographs. Pug dogs also feature in two of the photographs. One photograph of particular note shows an unidentified man wearing a 'Te Ope Whakaora' (Salvation Army Maori Mission) hat and seated with a Pakeha woman and toddler along with a young Maori girl.

The pages in the back half of the album have been glued together and hollowed out to accommodate a music box mechanism that has been secured to the inside back cover.
Accession No

Photograph of students and staff of Manaia School in 1926. The students are seated and standing in five loose rows and are posed outside the main school building. A man, presumably the headmaster, can be seen standing on the right hand side of the group. Six women, possibly teachers or staff, are standing on the left hand sdie of the group.
Accession No

Formal group portrait from the Kaimiro School 100th Jubliee, May 1997. There are 6 people seated in the front row and 7 people standing in the back row. There is a sign in front that reads "Kaimiro School & District Centennial Jubilee 1897-1927". The group are situated on a lawn with trees in the background.

Back row from left: Bill Zimmerman, Joyce Johnston (nee Shoemark), Sheila Drinkwater (nee Paterson), Ronald Gopperth, Julia Clark (nee Schrider or Schrader), Leon Gopperth and Lance Peters.
Front row from left: Evelyn Broadmore (nee Shoemark), Hugh Paterson, Sylvia Hopson (nee Bannan), Eileen Egarr (nee Shoemark), Evelyn Whittaker (nee Wellington) and Minne Schreber (nee Wellington).

Kaimiro School was established in 1897 and closed down at the end of 2005.
Accession No

Formal portrait of Richard Julian and his wife Elizabeth. Richard is seated and is wearing a dark-tone three piece suit and tie. He wears a full beard and rests his hands on his thighs. Elizabeth stands to Richard's left. She rests her right hand on his left shoulder. She is wearing a dark-tone dress and lace bonnet. Richard and Elizabeth were passengers on the "Blenheim".
Accession No

Formal group portrait of of 21 children dressed in costume for the 1927 West End School Queen Carnival. The Carnival was held to raise funds to relocate the school to its current site on Bonithon Avenue. The young girl in the centre is Raeburne Jones (later Barclay) who was crowned Queen of the carnival. She is wearing a crown and long cape that is draped in front of the group. She and three other girls are holding bouquets. From left to right these three girls are Elsie Royce, Pat Durcle and Leta Rayner. One child sitting in the front is dressed as a jester and several other children are wearing wigs, hats and capes.
Accession No

Taranaki contestants of the Queen of the Air Race Competition from 1953. The International competition was run to to find young women who were potentially suitable candidates to become Air Hostesses. They were judged on their good character and common sense, and the woman crowned Queen would recieve 100 pounds worth of clothing, other awards, and the offer of becoming a Hostess. Individual towns were encouraged to run their own competition to find a contestant to represent them. From left to right are S. Hardy, M. O'Neil, R. Dempsey and S. Flanigan. They are all wearing skirts with jackets and gloves, and each woman is holding a purse. They are standing in front of a counter with a large doll on it. Behind them are shelves with a range of toys on them.
Accession No

Copy photograph of 21 buglers from the 43rd Regiment, 1866. The men in the front row are all seated except for the man in the middle. They are all wearing military uniform and some have their instruments with them. The group are positioned in front of a brick building with a large sash window to their right. The photograph is included on page 36 of William Francis Robert Gordon's album "Some "Soldiers of the Queen" who served in the Maori Wars and Other Notable Persons Connected Herewith".
Accession No