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Accession No Name/Title
Cocos de mer seed A70.697
Cocos de mer seed
Eggs, Tuatara (?) A70.691
Eggs, Tuatara (?)
Frog, Hochstetter's A70.685
Frog, Hochstetter's
Frog A70.682
Prawn Killer A70.681
Prawn Killer
Snake, Sea A70.680
Snake, Sea
Skin, Snake A70.679
Skin, Snake
Skin, Snake A70.678
Skin, Snake
Alligator, Mounted A70.676
Alligator, Mounted
Carapace, Tortise A70.674
Carapace, Tortise
Carapace, Turtle Hawksbill A70.673
Carapace, Turtle Hawksbill
Carapace, Turtle A70.672
Carapace, Turtle
Carapace, Green Turtle A70.670
Carapace, Green Turtle
Scapula, Whale A70.637
Scapula, Whale
Barnacles, Whale A70.626
Barnacles, Whale
Vertebrate, Whale A70.624
Vertebrate, Whale
Flipper, Goose-beaked Whale A70.621
Flipper, Goose-beaked Whale
Dolphin, Hector's A70.620
Dolphin, Hector's
Ferns, Pressed A70.619
Ferns, Pressed
Specimens, Botanical A70.618
Specimens, Botanical
Specimens, Botanical A70.617
Specimens, Botanical
Specimens, Botanical A70.616
Specimens, Botanical
Leaves & Ferns, Pressed (N.Z. Natives) A70.615
Leaves & Ferns, Pressed (N.Z. Natives)
Leaves, Pressed (N.Z. Natives) A70.614
Leaves, Pressed (N.Z. Natives)
"Ferns of New Zealand" (Whangamomona) A70.613
"Ferns of New Zealand" (Whangamomona)