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Accession No Name/Title
Tunnelling Mud Crab A101.067
Tunnelling Mud Crab
Black-fingered crab A101.068
Black-fingered crab
Red rock crab A101.069
Red rock crab
Whale tooth A101.070
Whale tooth
Whale Skull A101.071
Whale Skull
Dolphin, Hector's A57.705
Dolphin, Hector's
Dolphin, Hector's
Teeth (Seal and Shark) A70.600
Teeth (Seal and Shark)
Dolphin, Dusky A70.605
Dolphin, Dusky
Flipper, Blue Whale A70.606
Flipper, Blue Whale
Skull, Arnoux's Beaked Whale A70.607
Skull, Arnoux's Beaked Whale
Jaw, Mako Shark A70.608
Jaw, Mako Shark
Jaw, Shark A70.609
Jaw, Shark
Dolphin, Hector's A70.620
Dolphin, Hector's
Flipper, Goose-beaked Whale A70.621
Flipper, Goose-beaked Whale
Vertebrate, Whale A70.624
Vertebrate, Whale
Barnacles, Whale A70.626
Barnacles, Whale
Scapula, Whale A70.637
Scapula, Whale
Prawn Killer A70.681
Prawn Killer
Ambergris, Sperm Whale A70.699
Ambergris, Sperm Whale
Vertebrate, Whale A70.725
Vertebrate, Whale
Dolphin, Hector's A71.765
Dolphin, Hector's
Dolphin, Hector's A71.766
Dolphin, Hector's
Shells A72.813
Shells A72.815