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Accession No Name/Title
Pressed fern arrangement A66.457
Pressed fern arrangement
"Ferns of New Zealand" (Whangamomona) A70.613
"Ferns of New Zealand" (Whangamomona)
Shells A86.987
Samples, Mineral A92.964
Samples, Mineral
Fossil, Oyster A96.313
Fossil, Oyster
Fossil, Crab A96.367
Fossil, Crab
Fossil, Crab A96.368
Fossil, Crab
Coconut, Fossil A96.374
Coconut, Fossil
Coconut, Fossil A96.375
Coconut, Fossil
Coconut, Fossil A96.378
Coconut, Fossil
Coconut, Fossil A96.380
Coconut, Fossil
Fern press A97.002
Fern press
Fossil, Nautilus A98.775
Fossil, Nautilus
Fossil, Oyster A98.776
Fossil, Oyster
Fossil, Oyster A98.777
Fossil, Oyster
Fossil, Coral A98.778
Fossil, Coral
Vertebrae, Whale TM2002.100
Vertebrae, Whale