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Accession No Name/Title
Swim bladder, Porcupine fish A100.553
Swim bladder, Porcupine fish
Egg, Ostrich A102.233
Egg, Ostrich
Egg, Ostrich A102.234
Egg, Ostrich
Egg, Ostrich A102.235
Egg, Ostrich
Egg, Ostrich A102.236
Egg, Ostrich
Egg, Ostrich A102.237
Egg, Ostrich
Egg, Emu A102.238
Egg, Emu
Egg, Emu A102.239
Egg, Emu
Egg, Emu A102.240
Egg, Emu
Egg, Emu A102.241
Egg, Emu
Case of Birds A64.923
Case of Birds
Flipper, Blue Whale A70.606
Flipper, Blue Whale
Scapula, Dolphin A78.573
Scapula, Dolphin
Skeleton, Fur Seal A78.577
Skeleton, Fur Seal
Skull, Leopard Seal A78.578
Skull, Leopard Seal
Egg, Ostrich A86.459
Egg, Ostrich
Shells A86.987
Egg, Ostrich A90.178
Egg, Ostrich
Egg, Ostrich A90.179
Egg, Ostrich
Samples, Mineral A92.964
Samples, Mineral
Eye, Swordfish A92.980
Eye, Swordfish
Whale Vertebrae A94.045
Whale Vertebrae
Fossil, Oyster A96.313
Fossil, Oyster
Starfish, (Stichaster australis) A96.335
Starfish, (Stichaster australis)
Fossil, Crab A96.367
Fossil, Crab