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Accession No Name/Title
Tusk, Boar A100.583
Tusk, Boar
Bracket Fungi A100.640
Bracket Fungi
Bracket Fungi A100.641
Bracket Fungi
Fungi A100.796
Pressed plant album A100.874
Pressed plant album
Album of pressed ferns A100.875
Album of pressed ferns
Pressed Ferns A100.876
Pressed Ferns
Pressed Ferns A100.877
Pressed Ferns
Pressed plants A100.878
Pressed plants
MacDonald Herbarium A100.879
MacDonald Herbarium
Pressed Hebe specimens
Head, Trophy A101.297
Head, Trophy
Head, Trophy A57.617
Head, Trophy
Head, Trophy A57.618
Head, Trophy
Head, Trophy. A57.622
Head, Trophy.
Head, Trophy A57.626
Head, Trophy
Head, Trophy. A57.627
Head, Trophy.
Pressed fern arrangement A66.457
Pressed fern arrangement
Ferns, Pressed A70.612
Ferns, Pressed
"Ferns of New Zealand" (Whangamomona) A70.613
"Ferns of New Zealand" (Whangamomona)
Leaves, Pressed (N.Z. Natives) A70.614
Leaves, Pressed (N.Z. Natives)
Leaves & Ferns, Pressed (N.Z. Natives) A70.615
Leaves & Ferns, Pressed (N.Z. Natives)
Specimens, Botanical A70.616
Specimens, Botanical
Specimens, Botanical A70.617
Specimens, Botanical
Specimens, Botanical A70.618
Specimens, Botanical
Ferns, Pressed A70.619
Ferns, Pressed