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Accession No Name/Title
Duck, Grey A64.916
Duck, Grey
Case of Birds (Shags) A64.927
Case of Birds (Shags)
Albatross, Light-mantled Sooty A64.932
Albatross, Light-mantled Sooty
Penguin, Erect-crested A64.933
Penguin, Erect-crested
Gull, Black-Backed A64.961
Gull, Black-Backed
Piopio A64.988
Flipper, Blue Whale A70.606
Flipper, Blue Whale
Moa A70.622
Bone, Moa A70.629
Bone, Moa
Bone, Moa A70.630
Bone, Moa
Shearwater, Sooty A70.651
Shearwater, Sooty
Wrybill A70.746
Duck, Blue A70.755
Duck, Blue
Godwit, Eastern Bar-Tailed A70.770
Godwit, Eastern Bar-Tailed
Tīeke A70.782
Kōkako, North Island A70.784
Kōkako, North Island
Kōkako, South Island A70.785
Kōkako, South Island
Skull, Huia A70.786
Skull, Huia
Creeper, Brown A70.791
Creeper, Brown
Egret, Little A70.799
Egret, Little
Skull, Royal Albatross A78.532
Skull, Royal Albatross
Skull, Pukeko A78.550
Skull, Pukeko
Scapula, Dolphin A78.573
Scapula, Dolphin
Skeleton, Fur Seal A78.577
Skeleton, Fur Seal
Skull, Leopard Seal A78.578
Skull, Leopard Seal