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A Mineral Specimens of New Zealand box set which contains 96 small mounted samples of rocks and minerals, each which are named with a printed label. Many of these labels also include location information. The box is rectangular with a hinged lid and is covered with an embossed gold coloured paper. The hinged lid is lined and fitted with a label on the top and underside which features a hei tiki design. " MINERAL SPECIMENS / OF / NEW ZEALAND " is marked on the label along with fern and kowhaiwhai type patterns. " SET X1 / CARNEGIE " 96 PIECES " is marked on a paper label stuck to the underside of the lid.
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Wooden fern press with one leather binding strap (the other is missing) containing 44 thick mount cards with specimens affixed and labelled and 8 loose specimens in paper fold-over folders. The press is wraped in soft foam for protection.
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