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An arrangement of pressed ferns presented in an ornate gilt frame.
Accession No

Red leather album with gold embossed title: "Ferns of N Z, Whangamomona 17/4/10". Arranged ferns and moss have been glued onto card pages with pink interleaves. Of the 19 arrangements, only five include labels.
Accession No

Wooden fern press with one leather binding strap (the other is missing) containing 44 thick mount cards with specimens affixed and labelled and 8 loose specimens in paper fold-over folders. The press is wraped in soft foam for protection.
Accession No

A " Bird Eating " spider mounted in a wooden frame on a red felt background with legs extended. The frame is missing the glass and is covered with a clear plastic sheet secured with masking tape. The rear of the frame has a metal chain for hanging. " BIRD EATING SPIDER / South America / A PRODUCT BY / EXOTIC NATURE DISPLAYS " is written on a label on the reverse along with a picture of a black and white butterfly.
Accession No