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Muka kaupapa [flax fibre foundation] worked in horizontal rows of whatu [two pair twining.] Four whenu [warp] to 1cm. Ara [rows] spaced at 14mm intervals. Kiwi huruhuru [kiwi feathers] attached every fourth whenu on alternate rows. Kiwi huruhuru covers the main outter kaupapa [body] of the cloak. Niho [triangles of brown and white] pattern decorates along length of the ua [collar] hem. Ua edge trimmed with one row of guinea fowl. Two side and base borders are adorned with brown and white fowl and guinea fowl feathered rectangles. Muka ties were replaced by Whiro-o-te-Rangi Bailey in January 1997.
Accession No

A large cloak made from skins of eight original Maori dogs (Canis domesticus). Four brown and four white. The pelts sewn together with strips of dog hide using what has been described as a french seam. The dogs ears and tails can be seen
Accession No