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A corroded metal band from the niu pole at Whakamara. The band, originally from a ship's mast has two ring shaped openings separated by a small rectangular gap. The larger opening is fastened to the lower mast and the smaller to the top.
Accession No

A presentation Adam's patent five chambered revolver. The revolver is a double action percussion type .44 calibre with a wedge frame. " PATENT 38, 309 " is stamped on the left of the frame. "Presented to HEMI TE WAKA / by the OFFICERS of the 43rd LT. InFTY / for GALLANT CONDUCT on all occasions / when acting as GUIDE to the Regt / in TARANAKI December 1865" is engraved on the bar above the cylinder.
Accession No

A rusted broad axe head. It has two white paper labels stuck to the central area of the blade. " To be donated to the Tara[ paper loss]ki / Museum " is handwritten in blue ink on a white paper label affixed to the central area of the blade. " Rangi --gakau ---------- [paper loss] / Reputed to have killed Von Tempski / Donated by Elyah Robinson / Normanby (possibly - handwriting is unclear) " is handwritten in blue ink on the other paper label.
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