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Plain muka body with taniko borders on three edges (paepaeroa) and neck edge finished in blue and red wool. Top edge of broad taniko band along bottom is decorated with a twist of blue and red wool. Kaupapa worked in horizontal rows of whenu; 7 whenu to 1 cm. Ara spaced at 7mm intervals.
Accession No

An Agreement to Lease between Tutaki, Rangihaeata, Pikirapu, Paramena Mutu, Whaaro and others and David McMaster of Wellington, 19 May 1873. The lease is for a piece of land known as the Mokoia Reserve in the Pātea District of the Province of Taranaki. Signed by David McMaster with the names and marks of approximately 65 Māori, many of the marks are on small separate squares of paper which have been laid on. Also signed by John Stevens and Samuel Marsden Baker (Licensed Interpreters) and H.J. Perham (Solicitor, Whanganui). Includes a small pencil sketch of the area.
Accession No

A letter from Te Ropiha at Pipitea dated 8 November 1856 to Mata Paki and Tamati Peka regarding land issues. The letter is written in Maori.
Accession No

Muka kaupapa [flax fibre foundation] worked in horizontal rows of whatu [two pair twining.] Four whenu [warp] to 1cm. Ara [rows] spaced at 14mm intervals. Kiwi huruhuru [kiwi feathers] attached every fourth whenu on alternate rows. Kiwi huruhuru covers the main outter kaupapa [body] of the cloak. Niho [triangles of brown and white] pattern decorates along length of the ua [collar] hem. Ua edge trimmed with one row of guinea fowl. Two side and base borders are adorned with brown and white fowl and guinea fowl feathered rectangles. Muka ties were replaced by Whiro-o-te-Rangi Bailey in January 1997.
Accession No