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"Tapuae after sunset" A64.591
"Tapuae after sunset"
"Road Narrows" A64.597
"Road Narrows"
"First Light II" A64.599
"First Light II"
"Sugar loaves from Oakura" A64.612
"Sugar loaves from Oakura"
"Stony R. Study # 1" A64.618
"Stony R. Study # 1"
"Okaiawa Sunset" A64.619
"Okaiawa Sunset"
"from Oakura Beach" A64.620
"from Oakura Beach"
"Tidal pools" A64.622
"Tidal pools"
"Sugarloaf Sunrise" A64.625
"Sugarloaf Sunrise"
"Old Rata Tree" A64.627
"Old Rata Tree"
"Greenwood Rd" A64.628
"Greenwood Rd"
"Paora Sunset" A64.631
"Paora Sunset"
"Moon over Kaitake Ranges" A64.634
"Moon over Kaitake Ranges"
"Homage to Paritutu" A64.636
"Homage to Paritutu"
Untitled A64.637
"S Bend" A64.640
"S Bend"
"Cloud, rock, & wave" A64.642
"Cloud, rock, & wave"
"Summer morning - Dover Rd" A64.646
"Summer morning - Dover Rd"
"Sunset from Cardiff Rd" A64.648
"Sunset from Cardiff Rd"
"Low Tide" A65.591
"Low Tide"
Untitled A65.594
"Puniho Pines" A65.597
"Puniho Pines"
"Sunset - Okato Pines" A65.599
"Sunset - Okato Pines"
"Komene Rd View" A65.610
"Komene Rd View"
"Okato Roadside" A65.611
"Okato Roadside"