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Accession No Name/Title
Untitled [A. K. Grant] A57.706
Untitled [A. K. Grant]
"Evening Sky - Omata" A64.592
"Evening Sky - Omata"
"Hangatahua - The Stony River" A64.593
"Hangatahua - The Stony River"
"From Tataraimaka" A64.595
"From Tataraimaka"
"From Monmouth Rd" A64.596
"From Monmouth Rd"
"Road to Mountain House" A64.598
"Road to Mountain House"
"Sunset on Taranaki from Stent Rd" A64.607
"Sunset on Taranaki from Stent Rd"
"Taranaki Sunrise from Stent Road" A64.608
"Taranaki Sunrise from Stent Road"
"Autumn Sunrise - Warea" A64.610
"Autumn Sunrise - Warea"
"Garden Standing - Pukekura Park" A64.613
"Garden Standing - Pukekura Park"
"Back Garden" A64.615
"Back Garden"
"From Wiremu Rd" A64.617
"From Wiremu Rd"
"Sunset, Moonrise Kaihihi Rd" A64.621
"Sunset, Moonrise Kaihihi Rd"
Untitled A64.623
"Gerry" A64.624
Untitled A64.626
"First Light" A64.629
"First Light"
"Evening View - Inglewood" A64.630
"Evening View - Inglewood"
"Parihaka Rd" A64.632
"Parihaka Rd"
"North Taranaki Evening" A64.633
"North Taranaki Evening"
"Flying Saucers over Taranaki" A64.635
"Flying Saucers over Taranaki"
"Winter Solstice Sunset" A64.638
"Winter Solstice Sunset"
"Self portrait" A64.641
"Self portrait"
"July Evening - Oakura Beach" A64.643
"July Evening - Oakura Beach"
"Spring Morning - Ihaia Rd" A64.644
"Spring Morning - Ihaia Rd"