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The Royal Regiment of Artillery colours. The colours include the Royal Arms of England placed above a gun. Commonly known as the Royal Artillery, the Royal Regiment of Artillery comprises a number of regiments and is an arm of the British Army.
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Painted version of the colours and battle honours of the 14th (Buckinghamshire) Regiment of Foot of the British Army.
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A portrait of Edward F Hemingway in military dress. Hemingway is wearing three military medals, two from the Crimean War and one New Zealand Medal. He is shown as an elderly man with a large beard and moustache.
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Artwork from Roger Morris' 'Enduring Freedom' series that features four elements relating to the Global War on Terror. The top element is a hand drawn engine block, referring to 'the might of the military machine'. The next is a silhouette of a tank. The third is a stylised figure. The fourth is the word "OIL". The artwork has been made on the back of a proof poster for the TOWER New Zealand Youth Choir.
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Artwork from Roger Morris' 'Tales of the New Dominion' series that evokes the coming of a new war. The composition is broken into two halves. The lower portion shows white dabs of paint on white cardboard. The top half depicts a black missile shape and four red triangles, which represent either aeroplanes or bombs, targeting the tall buildings of a city on the left of the image. The top portion of the artwork is rendered in greys and black.
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