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Oil painting depicting a canoe containing four Maori is in the foreground and hilly bush in the background. There is a niu pole and gravesite in the mid ground beside three whare. There is a Roman Catholic Mission church beside a bend in the river. Copy of a sketch by John Skinner Esq.
Accession No

High cliff pictured in the foreground with waves crashing at its base. Another cliff is visible in the background. A ship is pictured on the horizon. Gulls are flying.
Accession No

View of the Urenui River from a high vantage point. Vegetation in immediate foreground. Two cabbage/ponga trees frame the left hand side of the painting. River visible in the middleground and hills and see pictured in the background.
Accession No

Oil painting on white glass depicting a whare on a lake edge with small group of people (in red and white) at front. A pataka (storehouse) is pictured behing the whare. Small waka with three people in water in front of whare. Large tree fern in lower left foreground.
Accession No

Bush scene depicting a gully with a stream flowing over rocks. Tall trees are pictured in the middleground. Mountains with prominent pinnacle in background. May depict a South Island scene. Painted on a round piece of thick paper.
Accession No