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Oil painting depicting a canoe containing four Maori is in the foreground and hilly bush in the background. There is a niu pole and gravesite in the mid ground beside three whare. There is a Roman Catholic Mission church beside a bend in the river. Copy of a sketch by John Skinner Esq.
Accession No

High cliff pictured in the foreground with waves crashing at its base. Another cliff is visible in the background. A ship is pictured on the horizon. Gulls are flying.
Accession No

Oil painting on white glass depicting a whare on a lake edge with small group of people (in red and white) at front. A pataka (storehouse) is pictured behing the whare. Small waka with three people in water in front of whare. Large tree fern in lower left foreground.
Accession No

Oil painting showing Edward Frederick Hemingway as a child. Hemmingway was born in Yorkshire in 1823 and came to New Zealand in the 1860s with the 43rd Regiment having previously seen service in the Crimean War, the Indian Mutiny and Malta. He returned to Europe and served with the Red Cross in the Franco-Prussian War. His son Edward "Ned" Hemingway brought him back to New Zealand when he fell ill and he died in Auckland in 1914. Hemingway is shown in the painting as a young boy wearing a white shirt, rust-coloured vest and brown trousers lying on a bank in the grass. In the foreground there is another unidentified young boy wearing a white shirt with a red scarf who is holding two dogs. The painting is in an impressionist style and has a thick gilded frame.
Accession No