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Oil painting depicting a canoe containing four Maori is in the foreground and hilly bush in the background. There is a niu pole and gravesite in the mid ground beside three whare. There is a Roman Catholic Mission church beside a bend in the river. Copy of a sketch by John Skinner Esq.
Accession No

High cliff pictured in the foreground with waves crashing at its base. Another cliff is visible in the background. A ship is pictured on the horizon. Gulls are flying.
Accession No

Portrait of an unknown Maori woman. She is seated and is wearing a cloak draped over one shoulder. The other shoulder is bare. She has long, dark hair. Her head is tilted to the side and she is looking away from the viewer.
Accession No

Portrait of a Maori woman wearing a cloak and holding a large greenstone mere across her chest. She has a large tiki hanging from her neck. She wears a feather in her hair and has several tattooed lines around her mouth. She is also wearing bone (?) earrings. Pictured looking to the right (her left).
Accession No