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Accession No Name/Title
Whiteley Mission House PA2010.119
Whiteley Mission House
"Carnegie Library" A95.793
"Carnegie Library"
New Plymouth airport buildings A85.819
New Plymouth airport buildings
"New Plymouth Airport" A85.818
"New Plymouth Airport"
"New Plymouth Airport, Cafeteria" A85.817
"New Plymouth Airport, Cafeteria"
"Mt Egmont Buttercup Ranunculus nivicolus"
Untitled (House and Garden) A79.834
Untitled (House and Garden)
Untitled (Bell Block Stockade) A75.454
Untitled (Bell Block Stockade)
"Omata Stockade" A75.450
"Omata Stockade"
"The Grey Institute" A75.419
"The Grey Institute"
"Methodist Mission, South Road" A66.715
"Methodist Mission, South Road"
"Smarts Plumbing Shop" A66.700
"Smarts Plumbing Shop"
"30 Fulford St, New Plymouth" A66.699
"30 Fulford St, New Plymouth"
"Richmond Cottage" A66.697
"Richmond Cottage"
"Bank of New Zealand, Waitara" A66.692
"Bank of New Zealand, Waitara"
"Old Jubilee Boarding House" A66.691
"Old Jubilee Boarding House"
"Hurworth House, Carrington Road, New Plymouth" A66.686
"Hurworth House, Carrington Road, New Plymouth"
"113 Lemon Street, New Plymouth" A66.683
"113 Lemon Street, New Plymouth"
"Mace House, Carrington Street" A66.681
"Mace House, Carrington Street"
"Mace House, Western Aspect" A66.679
"Mace House, Western Aspect"
"St John's Church, Omata" A66.678
"St John's Church, Omata"
"Old Boarding House, Silver Street, New Plymouth" A66.676
"Old Boarding House, Silver Street, New Plymouth"