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Accession No Name/Title
Untitled (Merton, New Plymouth) TM.2002.121
Untitled (Merton, New Plymouth)
Untitled [234 Devon Street, New Plymouth] PA2012.025
Untitled [234 Devon Street, New Plymouth]
St Mary's Church 1954 PA2004.024
St Mary's Church 1954
"Storm Seas - Paritutu N.P." A98.756
"Storm Seas - Paritutu N.P."
"Township of Inglewood Taranaki NZ from Lincoln Road" A96.981
"Township of Inglewood Taranaki NZ from Lincoln Road"
Untitled (Beach/Richmond Cottage) A93.839
Untitled (Beach/Richmond Cottage)
"Tasman Rollers" A81.947
"Tasman Rollers"
"After the Bathe" A75.651
"After the Bathe"
"Mt Egmont from Fitzroy" A75.630
"Mt Egmont from Fitzroy"
"Mt Egmont. The Cottage" A75.629
"Mt Egmont. The Cottage"
"Beach scene" A75.616
"Beach scene"
Untitled (Landscape with shed) A75.600
Untitled (Landscape with shed)
"St Mary's, New Plymouth" A75.569
"St Mary's, New Plymouth"
"St Andrews, New Plymouth" A75.568
"St Andrews, New Plymouth"
"Paritutu from Mikotahi" A75.566
"Paritutu from Mikotahi"
Untitled (Saddleback Island) A75.562
Untitled (Saddleback Island)
Untitled (D.Newman's Boot Repair Shop) A75.557
Untitled (D.Newman's Boot Repair Shop)
"Our Backyard, N.P." A75.556
"Our Backyard, N.P."
Untitled [Paritutu] A75.555
Untitled [Paritutu]
"The Awakening" A75.554
"The Awakening"
"Distant Beach" A75.553
"Distant Beach"
Untitled [Moturoa Island] A75.551
Untitled [Moturoa Island]
Untitled A75.550
"Frankton Junction" A75.542
"Frankton Junction"
'Untitled (Hurworth Cottage)' A75.462
'Untitled (Hurworth Cottage)'