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Monochromatic watercolour and ink painting of the Whitely Mission House, the site of the Rangiatea Girls' Hostel.
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View of New Plymouth Public Library / Carnegie Library from corner of Brougham and King streets (main entrance). Following discussions between the mayor of New Plymouth, Mr A.C. Fookes and the American industrialist, Andrew Carnegie, a grant of two thousand five hundred pounds was made on 13 February 1906 to the New Plymouth Borough Council for a new library building. An architectural competition was held, the winning architect being Frank Messenger. The building was formally opened on 1 July 1908 by the Mayor, Mr Gustave Tisch. At this time the museum remained in the old town hall.
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View of the former New Plymouth airport buildings. Control tower under construction.
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View of New Plymouth airport. Control tower under construction. Aeroplane approaching runway in upper left hand corner.
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View of the exterior of the New Plymouth Airport cafeteria.
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View of lower Brougham Street, New Plymouth. Buildings include the Taranaki (now Royal) Hotel, News Office and Native Office. Male figure loading horse and cart in middle foreground.
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View of Upper Brougham Street, New Plymouth c.1862-65. Post Office to the left, Devon Street leading up to the White Hart Hotel, and the Primitive Methodist Church visible right background. Huatoki Valley in foreground with two cattle pulling cart.
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Exterior view of the Methodist Mission, South Road, New Plymouth. The wooden building is painted white and has a red roof. There are large arched windows along the aspect depicted and two chimney stacks. The Mission was erected in 1844.
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Exterior view of St John's Church, Omata. It features a church in the midground with white panelling and a red roof. There is a bell tower on the facing right side. In the bottom right quadrant is a fenced off memorial. The landscape is very bare with only a few lines delineating hills and ground growth. The church was originally built in 1875. It was blown over by a gale on 16 June 1894 and rebuilt the same year.
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Exterior view of the Sunday School at St Mary's Church, Vivian Street, New Plymouth. Tree and South African War memorial pictured in the foreground. The school building was built in 1853. The first day of the school was run by Mrs W. Bolland and Miss Jenny Newland.
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Picture of chapel with people entering through door. Originally erected in Mangorei Road by settler-farmer Zaccheus William Wells, who used to preach at the chapel. It was later used as the chapel at Rangiatea.
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Exterior view of the Waitara Public Library and Reading Room. The building was formerly an Anglican Church. After the present church was built it became the library.
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View of convent with four trees and foliage in foreground. The convent was built in 1883 and opened in 1884 by the Archbishop Redwood.
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Exterior view of the court house, Robe Street, New Plymouth. Building is wooden with a red roof. Doors painted green. The building was built around 1890.
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Liardet Street, New Plymouth. Marsland Hill Barracks in right background. Street in foreground on which there is a cart with two oxen and a small number of people.
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Pencil sketch of New Plymouth's clock tower with other buildings in the foreground. A crane is also visible upper right of drawing. Several figures are visible in the foreground. The original clock tower was demolished in April 1969.
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