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Exterior view of 30 Fulford Street, New Plymouth. Rendered in black and white on coloured paper.
Accession No

Exterior view of the northern aspect of the Mace House, Carrington Street, New Plymouth.
Accession No

Exterior view of St John's Church, Omata. It features a church in the midground with white panelling and a red roof. There is a bell tower on the facing right side. In the bottom right quadrant is a fenced off memorial. The landscape is very bare with only a few lines delineating hills and ground growth. The church was originally built in 1875. It was blown over by a gale on 16 June 1894 and rebuilt the same year.
Accession No

Exterior view of a two storeyed boarding house on Silver Street, New Plymouth. Drawn on green/grey paper. The building has now been demolished.
Accession No

Exterior view of wooden homestead with red corrugated iron roof. Trees in background. Parts of the house are from Marsland Hill Barracks and were shifted to the current site by bullock wagon.
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Exterior view of wooden house with a red roof. House also has a large verandah and two chimneys. Drawing is on dark grey paper.
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Exterior view of the Waitara Public Library and Reading Room. The building was formerly an Anglican Church. After the present church was built it became the library.
Accession No

Pencil sketch of New Plymouth's clock tower with other buildings in the foreground. A crane is also visible upper right of drawing. Several figures are visible in the foreground. The original clock tower was demolished in April 1969.
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