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Wash sketch of Graham Kirk's wife reading on the couch and their dog Wiki sitting in the window.
Accession No

View of a domestic space, possibly the artist's living room, showing a fire place, two chairs, a wood box and washing strung up on a line above the fire. Rendered in black ink and watercolour paint, including shades of blue, brown, yellow, red and grey.
Accession No

Sketch of 'Wilkinson's Castle', Pukearuhe, presumed to have been painted by James Chapman-Taylor's third wife, Joan. 'Wilkinson's Castle' is visible on the brow of a hill with tall trees surrounding the house. Vegetation is depicted on the hillside in the foreground. It is possible this sketch was made before the plans for the house were finalised and building had commenced.
Accession No

Rural view of farmland and buildings. Grass and a hedge are pictured in the foreground. A fence runs across farmland in the middleground. Two buildings and several power poles are pictured in the background along with a bank of large trees.
Accession No