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Homestead and barn at Merton on the outskirts of New Plymouth. Cleared land, felled trees and stumps are visible in the foreground. A single cow is situated in the lower right corner. The cottage was originally called "French's house" when Henry and James Richmond lived in it in May 1851. The cottage was enlarged and improved to become "New Merton" and became the Richmond's first homestead.
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View of a two-storied house once located at 234 Devon Street East and 236 Courtenay Street, New Plymouth. The house is white with green window frames and detailing. The house is situated amidst a large garden. A lawn dominates the foregound. There is a large tree planted at the edge of the lawn, in front of the house. A wheelbarrow sits on the lawn on the left. The house was built for Dr David Wylie in 1910. From 1927 to 1950 it was the home of Monica and Rex Brewster. It was demolished some time in the 1970s.
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A framed oil painting by Bernard Aris of St Mary's Church, New Plymouth 1954.
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A shrub lined and uneven packed dirt road is pictured at the bottom centre of the painting leading off into the hills to the left. Inglewood township is located in the centre of the image with Mt. Taranaki/Egmont towering over it. Smoke rises from several sites in the painting.
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Exterior of the old General Post Office, Devon Street, New Plymouth. Several figures are visible on the pavement outside the post office and a truck is backed up to the building. A flag is flying from the top of the clock tower. Another building is visible next to the post office and another can be seen at the end of the street.
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Ink and wash sketch based on two photographs taken of New Plymouth (VNP 100-P) in 1859, this work depicts a view of Devon Street looking towards Moturoa. Paritutu and the Sugar Loaves visible in the background.
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View of the Camphouse and a smaller building, North Egmont, Mount Taranaki. Road in foreground and power pole with power lines pictured on the right of the image. Vegetation visible both foreground and background. Background dominated by the slopes of Mount Taranaki.
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View of Harlech Castle on an outcrop of rock, Wales.
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Monochromatic watercolour of James Thomas Shaw's Cottage, New Plymouth. Mattboard annotated with: "The Shaw Cottage / Erected 1841 by the late Mr J T Shaw / from material brought from England". The site of the cottage was behind the present Post Office block.
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Monochromatic watercolour of the Round House, New Plymouth. Mattboard annotated with note "The Round House / Erected by Mr Thomas Hurst from material / brought from England 1852". The Round House was erected in 1852 on Devon Street, then later moved to Courtenay Street in 1905. It was demolished in 1938.
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View of the General Post Office, New Plymouth. Cars are parked on the street and figures are pictured walking on the footpath outside the buildings depicted. A man and child are crossing the road in the foreground. The New Zealand flag is flying from the top of the clock tower visible in the background.
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