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Oral history. Alison Robinson interviews Jack Whiting who spent much of his childhood in the Finnerty Road/Lowgarth district. In his recording, Jack reminiscences on his childhood, schooling, mentioning local identities, etc. He also mentions a national convention of naturists (nudist).
Part of a collection of interviews recording the history of the Finnerty Road/Lowgarth district.
Recorded on August 12 1991.
Extracts have been transcribed and rearranged by Alison. No abstract has been made.
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Alison Robinson has produced several local histories including: The Ngaere Story (1982), Central Taranaki Methodists (1991), Women and Children (1993), Stratford Hospital Memories (2001) and was also a co writer of Merle Crawford's autobiography titled Out of My System (1996). All publications are based on oral history interviews recorded by Alison Robinson.
The greater collection consists of copies of interviews (recorded on audio cassettes) and related papers, as well as other research papers.
For easy of access, all papers relating to this collection have been kept together, and the audio cassettes have been entered as 'parts of the collection" each having their own individual unique identifying number.
Indexing - Names - The names added to the names list are for written interviews only. All recorded interviews have been catalogued as individual items.
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